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308.7 - Budget Execution and Finance Committee


OPR: Director's Office

1. Establishment. The Budget Execution and Finance Committee replaced the Budget and Finance Committee, established by Survey Order No. 197, May 11, 1950.

2. Purpose or Function. To consider budgetary and financial management matters that have general application to the Bureau. The primary responsibility of the Committee is to advise the Operations Council in the areas of budget execution and financial management, and to provide a forum to exchange ideas among division financial managers.

3. Representation.

A. Co-chairs:

Chief, Office of Program Operations,

Director's Office

Chief, Office of Financial Management

B. Members:

Chief, Financial Operations and Reporting

Section, Water Resources Division

Budget and Finance Officer, Geologic Division

Financial Officer, National Mapping Division

Budget Analyst, Office of Program Support

Administrative Operations Assistant,

Director's Office

Financial Manager, Biological Resources Division

4. Type of Organization. Permanent.

5. Reporting. To the Associate Director for Operations, Operations Council.

6. Staff. None. Secretarial service to be arranged by the Co-chairpersons.

7. Meetings. To be held the first and third Thursday of the month and at the call of the Chair.

8. Permanent Subcommittees. The Co-chairpersons are authorized to appoint subcommittees on an ad hoc or permanent basis with the endorsement of the members of the Committee.

9. Termination Date. None. This Committee will be reviewed every 3 years.

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