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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

308.67 – Business Leaders Team


OPR:  Office of Administration

Instructions:  This chapter is updated and replaces SM 308.67 dated 07/18/2013

1.  Establishment.  This chapter authorizes the establishment of the Business Leaders Team (BLT) in the U.S. Geological Survey and serves as its charter.

2.  Purpose.  The Business Leaders Team is a standing committee under the authority of the Associate Director for Administration (AD/OA).  The primary purpose of the BLT is to provide input to the AD/OA on administrative policy issues and to provide leadership and guidance in implementing administrative policy decisions and business practices within their organizational units.  The AD/OA will make the final decision regarding BLT recommendations.

3.  Function.  The functions of the BLT are to:

A.  Identify and prioritize administrative issues and challenges that require the attention of, and action by, the AD/OA.

B.  Provide background information and participate in discussions involving administrative and organizational policy decisions.

C.  Anticipate and assess the impact of policy decisions on constituents.

D.  Recommend business solutions to business problems.

E.  Align administrative operations with policy decisions on common business practices

F.  Develop strategic and communications plans for implementation of policies and business practices within organizational units of responsibility.

G.  Monitor and measure progress and accomplishments through standardized metrics.

4.  Membership Composition and Terms.  Members of the BLT include the AD and Deputy AD for OA; OA Office Chiefs; the Associate Chiefs of Business Operations and Program Management from Enterprise Information; Regional Management Officers; Senior Management Officers; Deputy Director for the Office of Science Quality and Integrity, Chief of Administration and Special Projects Branch International Programs; and the Integration Officer from the Office of Budget, Planning and Integration.

The Deputy AD/OA serves as the team chairperson.

Membership is permanent, based on position within the organization.

5.  Staff Support.  None.  The Chairperson will ensure that minutes are prepared, distributed, maintained, and posted to the Intranet.

6.  Subcommittees.  The Chairperson is authorized to appoint subcommittees on an ad hoc basis with the endorsement of the BLT.

7.  Termination Date/Sunset Review.  None.  The need for continuation or modification of the committee will be reviewed every 3 years.

/s/ Katherine McCulloch                                                                                November 6, 2014
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