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308.65 – Designated Agency Safety and Health Official Council


OPR: Office of Administration

Instruction: This is a new chapter based on establishment of a Designated Agency Safety and Health Official Council.

1.  Purpose. This Survey Manual chapter provides the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) policy on the purpose and scope, membership, roles, responsibilities, and operations of the Designated Agency Safety and Health Official (DASHO) Council.

2.  Scope. The DASHO Council provides executive level involvement in the formulation of policy, management of the OSH Program, and fostering OSH best practices in order to preserve and enhance the Science Mission of the USGS. The DASHO OSH Council serves as the approval authority for OSH Committee recommendations and provides direction for implementation of OSH Program initiatives and enhancements. The DASHO Council determines collective action to achieve program objectives and goals in concert with the Department of the Interior (DOI)/USGS OSH Strategic Plan. The DASHO Council operates under the guidance of the Associate Director, Office of Administration, who is the Director’s Designated Agency Safety and Health Official appointee for the USGS. As the executive lead, the DASHO has the authority whether or not to implement DASHO Council recommendations.

3.  Authorities and References.

A.  29 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1960 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for occupational safety and health.

B.  Executive Order 12196, dated February 26, 1980.

C.  Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, as amended.

4.  Membership.

A.  The DASHO Council will consist of the following members with full voting rights:

(1)  Associate Director, Office of Administration.

(2)  Chief, Office of Management Services.

(3)  Management representative from each Region.

(4)  Management representative from each Mission Area.

B.  The Associate Director, Office of Administration, will serve as the Chair of the DASHO Council.

C.  Members shall be nominated in writing by their respective management delegating authority to speak for respective organizations during meetings where commitments to recommendations are required and/or determine when recommendations need to be staffed, reviewed, and approved at a higher level.

D.  Members will have appropriate authority to provide management oversight for OSH Program activities, actions and initiatives commensurate with mission or regional needs, funding capacity, and operational capability.

5.  Ad Hoc Membership. The following ad hoc representatives also advise the DASHO Council Membership as appropriate:

A.  Human Resources Management Representative.

B.  Workers' Compensation Program Specialist.

C.  Office of Organizational and Employee Development Management Representative.

D.  Office of Communications Management Representative.

E.  Budget Officer.

F.  Chief, Occupational Safety and Health Management Branch.

6.  Responsibilities. The DASHO Council provides executive level involvement in the formulation of policy and the management of the OSH Program. The DASHO Council shall:

A.  Receive an annual "State of the OSH Program" briefing that includes the status of program metrics and effectiveness, achievement of goals and objectives in concert with the DOI/USGS OSH Strategic Plan.

B.  Provide a focal point for oversight, coordination, and direction for the OSH Program.

C.  Assess USGS OSH Program activities and provide oversight for and direction to the OSH Committee for development of initiatives that ensure continuous OSH Program improvement while addressing Mission Area, Region and local OSH Program needs.

D.  Advise the DASHO on the implementation of USGS-wide OSH Programs.

E.  Serve as an advisory body to the DASHO on OSH Program matters.

F.  Coordinate review and approval of recommended changes to policy and provide program interpretations to clarify and facilitate OSH Program implementation and compliance.

G.  Act collaboratively in addressing functions identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and DOI to include:

(1)  Establishing an occupational safety and health program.

(2)  Recommending sufficient funding and personnel to effectively implement the program.

(3)  Establishing oversight to ensure effective program implementation.

(4)  Reviewing established goals and injury/illness data and approving initiatives to reverse negative trends and causal factors.

(5)  Assessing program effectiveness through the review of performance metrics and goals.

H.  Facilitating safety award recognition and presentations of awards in appropriate forums.

7.  Meetings and Reports. The DASHO Council shall establish meeting dates and develop reports necessary to conduct business and to evaluate the overall performance and achievement of Council decisions but no less than twice a year. The DASHO Council has the authority to hold ad hoc meetings and special sessions as needed.

8.  Voting. The act of the majority of voting members present will be the act of the DASHO Council. A quorum constitutes 11 of the 15 voting members.

9.  Administration. The Occupational Safety and Health Management Branch shall provide administrative support, for example, scheduling meetings and publishing meeting agendas and minutes.

10.  Charter. This SM Chapter shall serve as the DASHO Council Charter.

11.  Termination Date. None.

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Designated Agency Safety and Health Official

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