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308.62 – Investment Review Board

Date: 1/2/14

OPR:  Office of Administration and Enterprise Information

Instruction:  Replaces SM chapter 308.62 dated April 25, 2011

1.  Establishment.  This chapter revises Investment Review Board (IRB) membership to coincide with the realigned USGS organizational structure, updates provisions to facilitate IRB review processes, and serves as its charter.

2.  Purpose.  The purpose of the IRB is to oversee the Bureau’s capital planning and investment control (CPIC) process in accordance with Office of Management and Budget, Department of the Interior, and other governing standards and requirements.  The IRB ensures that the Bureau’s information technology and facilities capital investment portfolio meets mission and strategic goals, embraces sustainability principles, minimizes risks, maximizes benefits and returns, and  otherwise promotes efficient and effective program delivery.

3.  Membership.  The IRB consists of permanent, rotating, and ex officio (non-voting) members.  The USGS Deputy Director will chair the IRB.  The Associate Director for Administration and Enterprise Information will serve as the vice-chair, with authority to act on the chair’s behalf during absences and where otherwise warranted.  Members shall designate an alternate with full authority to execute the responsibilities of the position.  It is recommended that alternates receive the appropriate IRB training prior to participation.

Rotating members shall serve 2-year terms.  The chair may extend the terms of any rotating member by no more than 1 year to stagger term expirations and thereby provide membership continuity.  The chair may designate additional ex officio members to provide specialized expertise and advice.

A.  Permanent Members:

(1)  USGS Deputy Director.
(2)  Associate Director for Administration and Enterprise Information.
(3)  Director, Office of Budget, Planning, and Integration.
(4)  Associate Director for Human Capital.
(5)  Director, Office of Science Quality and Integrity.

B.  Rotating Members:

(1)  Two Associate Directors from the science mission areas.
(2)  Two Regional Directors.
(3)  Two field managers.

C.  Ex Officio Members:

(1)  Chief, Office of Management Services.
(2)  Chief, Office of Enterprise Information.

4.  Meetings.  The IRB will meet at least quarterly.  The chair may call meetings more frequently.  There may be separate proceedings for information technology and facilities agendas.

5.  Subcommittees.  The IRB is authorized to establish permanent and ad hoc subcommittees to facilitate the review of proposed investments and for other purposes consistent with IRB objectives.

6.  Procedures.  A designated alternate may represent an absent member and vote on the member’s behalf.  The IRB makes decisions on process changes, investments, related sustainability issues, and other matters by voting.  In order for a vote to occur, a quorum of six voting members must be present.  The IRB passes proposals by a simple majority.

A.  The IRB will employ Department of the Interior CPIC guidance and associated business case analysis processes in its review of proposed investments that meet established dollar thresholds.

7.  Records and Staff Support.  The Office of Enterprise Information will provide administrative support to the IRB, including, among other functions, administration of the process for nominating members through the IRB chair, promptly filling vacancies, and maintaining and distributing up-to-date membership rosters.  It will also maintain and distribute minutes of proceedings and records of decisions, issue required reports, and otherwise provide staff support for IRB information technology matters.

A.  The Office of Management Services will maintain and distribute minutes of proceedings and records of decisions, issue required reports, and otherwise provide staff support for IRB facilities matters.

8.  Sunset Review.  The need for continuation of this body will be reviewed every 3 years.

/s/ Suzette M. Kimball                                                                       January 2, 2014
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Suzette M. Kimball                                                                                        Date
Acting Director, U.S. Geological Survey

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