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308.62.1 – USGS Facilities Investment Review Subcommittee

 Date: 3/21/12

 OPR: Office of Administration and Enterprise Information

Instruction:   New Subchapter to SM Chapter 308.62, Investment Review Board.  

1.  Establishment.  This chapter empowers the Investment Review Board (IRB) to create a subcommittee for facilities investments at a level below the Bureau's IRB threshold.  All Bureau Information Technology (IT) investments, regardless of their dollar value, will continue to be reviewed and managed by the Bureau IRB.  With the recent U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) leadership realignment, the Regional Facility IRBs no longer exist to complete these tasks.  Therefore, this chapter allows establishment of a permanent subcommittee to replace the Regional Facilities IRBs and serves as its charter.

 2.  Purpose.

 A.  The purpose of the Facilities Investment Review Subcommittee (FIRS) is to oversee a Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process for facilities investments at a level below the Bureau's Facility IRB threshold.  The established processes for both the FIRS and IRB  meet Department of the Interior (Interior) CPIC certification standards and is in compliance with the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget, the General Accounting Office's Investment Management framework, and other legislation and regulations that address capital planning and investment issues.

B.  The IRB process in the Bureau ensures that the Bureau's facility investment portfolio provides the best blend of investments to meet mission and strategic goals, while minimizing risks and maximizing return on investments.  To reach this goal, the IRB oversees a comprehensive investment portfolio selection and control process to incorporate benefits and risk criteria linked to mission goals and strategies.

C.  The FIRS ensures that facilities investments below the Bureau IRB threshold are managed as strategic business resources, supporting efficient and effective program delivery.

 3.  Roles and Responsibilities.

 A.  The FIRS subcommittee approves facilities projects to be presented to the IRB on new and ongoing construction and capital investments in order to create and maintain an investment portfolio which best supports the USGS and Interior missions and strategic goals.

B.  The FIRS is responsible for the following activities:

(1)  Identifying facilities investment integration opportunities with other elements of USGS and with other Interior bureaus below Bureau IRB threshold.

(2)  Developing and maintaining criteria to support pre-selection, selection, control, and evaluation of the facilities investment portfolio that aligns with the USGS and Interior missions, strategic goals, and business priorities.

(3)  Evaluating and approving all space transactions (GSA occupancy agreements, cooperative agreements that provide space to the USGS, interagency agreements, and commercial leases) with a $200,000 or more annual-cost threshold.  This applies to both new agreements/leases and to lease renewals or replacements.

(4)  Reviewing, guiding and approving facilities business cases prior to Bureau IRB presentation.

(5)  Reviewing ongoing projects at the FIRS threshold to ensure that project status, progress, and outlook are satisfactory and consistent with project plans.  Identifying deficiencies in project management and monitoring corrective actions.

(6)  Reviewing all facilities investment proposals that are subject to review by the Bureau IRB.

(7)  Reviewing all construction investments with a life cycle cost above $200,000.

4.  Membership.

A.  The FIRS membership is as shown below:

(1)  Current Regional Executive (REx) on the Bureau IRB.

 (2)  Associate Director (AD) for mission area.

(3)  A Deputy Associate Director (AD) as a co-chair.

(4)  Two Deputy RExs (one to serve as a co-chair).

(5)  One Regional Management Officer (RMO).

(6)  A Human Resources representative.

(7)  Two field Cost Center Managers.

(8)  A Facilities Budget Officer.

(9)  Chief, Branch of Facilities Management.

(10) Office of Management Services staff member (Secretary and non-voting member).

B.  The Deputy AD and one Deputy REx are to be co-chairs for the committee.

C.  At the FIRS discretion, ex-officio members may be named to provide specialized expertise and advice.

5.  Term and Appointments.  The REx and the AD are to be appointed by the USGS Deputy Director on a 2-year term.  For consistency, the terms of these two positions should be staggered by 1 year.  The remaining positions will be appointed by the USGS Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to serve on a 2-year term.

6.  Procedures.  Meetings of the FIRS are held at least quarterly to meet Interior CPIC reporting requirements and to support the USGS and Interior budget cycle.  The FIRS may meet more frequently subject to the call of the Chair as circumstances warrant.  Members may also be represented by a designated alternate and may have a proxy cast their votes.  All members are to be voting members with the exception of the Secretary.  The FIRS makes decisions on facilities investments and related issues by voting.  In order for a vote to occur, a quorum must be present.  The Office of Management Services will maintain and distribute minutes of proceedings and records of decisions, issue required reports, and otherwise provide staff support for the FIRS.


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