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308.61 – Configuration Management Committee


OPR: Office of Administration

1. Establishment.  This chapter authorizes the establishment of the Configuration Management Committee (CMC) in the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).  The CMC charter is attached as Appendix A.

2. Purpose.  The Configuration Management Committee (CMC) for the U.S. Geological Survey is a standing committee under the joint authority of the Associate Director of Administration and the Associate Chief Information Officer, who will make the final decision regarding recommendations of the CMC.  The purpose of the CMC is to provide leadership to the life cycle of the USGS developed information systems.  The CMC is responsible for reviewing, monitoring and strategically planning the development, upgrades and migration of USGS information systems.  The CMC shall:

  1. Ensure that bureau information systems align with policy decisions on business practices.
  2. Review requests for new functionality.
  3. Recommend priorities for current and future enhancements.
  4. Monitor and measure progress.
  5. Review the design of future functions.

3. Representation.  The CMC will utilize information system subcommittees to assist in effectively managing the application development and maintenance lifecycle.

A.  Configuration Management Committee.  Members that make up the CMC include:

(1)  Deputy Associate Director, Office of Administration, Co-Chair
(2)  Office of Enterprise Information Representative, Co-Chair
(3)  Chief, Office of Accounting and Financial Management (OAFM)
(4)  Chief, Financial Systems and Reporting Branch, OAFM
(5)  Chief Technology Officer, Office of Enterprise Information 
(6)  Office of Administration Representative
(7)  Office of Enterprise Information Representative
(8)  Regional Management Officer Representative (two)
(9)  Senior Management Officer Representative (two)
(10)  USGS Program Coordinators (two)
(11)  Cost Center Managers (two)
(12)  Field Project Chief (two)
(13)  Cost Center Administrative Officers (two)
(14)  Budget Office Representative
(15)  Regional Director’s Office Representative
(16)  Non-Voting Members:  Information System specialists/managers

4. Type of Organization.  Permanent.

5. Staff.  The Office of Administration provides advice and support to the committee, as needed.

6. Meetings.  The CMC holds meetings on a bi-monthly basis or as needed.

7. Subcommittees.  The chairpersons of the CMC may establish subgroups on a permanent or ad hoc basis with the consensus of the members of their respective groups.

8. Termination Date.  None.  The charter for the CMC will be reviewed at least every 3 years.


/s/ Roseann Gonzales                                 February 28, 2018

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Roseann Gonzales                                           Date
Associate Director for Administration

Appendix A


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