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308.5.1 - Information Council


OPR: Director's Office

1. Establishment. This council was established by the Director, USGS, on August 1, 1996.

2. Purpose. The USGS Information Council (IC) formulates corporate policy related to the management of USGS information activities. Information activities include the information assets of the USGS, the underlying information technology, and information processes including production, storage and dissemination.

A. The purpose of the IC is to facilitate the:

(1) linkage of information activities' policies with program division management and operations;

(2) integration of information activities planning process with the USGS strategic planning process;

(3) bureau focus for information activities; and

(4) linkage of information policies to the USGS outreach program.

B. Towards the goal of cost-effective and influential management of information activities, the IC will:

(1) Make policy recommendations to the Operations Council and where appropriate to the Science Council.

(2) Assist the Divisions in coordinating information activities.

(3) Serve as a resource to USGS management in planning and executing programs and marketing accomplishments.

C. The functions of the IC include:

(1) Formulation of information policy for the USGS.

(2) Coordination of bureauwide information activities, including formal and informal information networks.

(3) Liaison to the Department of the Interior (DOI) information activities, including Information Resources Management (IRM) functions and the DOI Publishing Council.

(4) Linkage to the bureau external affairs activities, and other formal groups, such as the Bureau Outreach Committee (BOC), USGS Geographic Data Committee (GSGDC) and the USGS Library Council.

(5) Review of information policies on a continuing basis for conformance to the needs of the USGS and its mission.

(6) Establishment of customer input and feedback mechanisms.

(7) Creation of a review process and system that acknowledges corporate team approach and the successful execution of bureau information management, coordination, and policy goals.

3. Representation. The council is comprised of a main body, two standing functional committees, one for Information Management and Delivery and one for Information Technology Infrastructure, with a direct link to two existing activities that have overlapping and distinct responsibilities, the GSGDC and the Bureau Outreach Committee.

The main body of the IC is composed of one representative from each of the four divisions and the Office of Program Support (OPS), the Information Theme Coordinator, the chairs of the GSGDC, the Bureau Outreach Committee, and the chairs of the two standing functional committees. The division representatives are selected by the Division Chiefs, and the OPS representative by the Chief, OPS, and all must be able to speak for their organization. The standing functional committee members are selected for their experience in the functional area and are selected by the core members of the IC, with endorsement of the respective Division or Office Chief.

The first Chair of the Council will be selected by the Associate Directors and then will rotate across the divisions. The Chair will serve for one year and may be renewed for no more than a second year.

4. Subcommittees. The Chairperson is authorized to appoint subcommittees or work groups on a temporary or ad hoc basis with the endorsement of the members of the Council. Membership of subcommittees or work groups are selected based on expertise in a functional area.

5. Type of Organization. Temporary.

6. Reporting. The IC administratively reports to the Operations Council.

7. Staff. An Executive Secretary and staff support will be provided by the OPS.

8. Meetings. Monthly or at the call of the Chairperson.

9. Sunset Review. The need for continuation of this Council will be reviewed every 3 years.

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