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308.58 - Bureau Outreach Committee


OPR: Director's Office

1. Establishment. The Bureau Outreach Committee (BOC) was established on October 1, 1996.

2. Purpose. The BOC is responsible for recommending bureau outreach policies, coordinating bureau outreach planning, and providing a forum for discussing and developing strategic directions and priorities for bureau outreach activities.

3. Definition of Outreach. As defined in the August 1995 Benchmark Outreach Committee Report, "outreach means proactively communicating with many audience." Primary bureau audiences include: the general public; employees of the USGS; news media organizations; Congress; Federal, State, and local agencies; educational and lifelong learning organizations; non-governmental and industrial organizations; and international organizations, government and private organizations.

4. Representation. The membership of the BOC is composed of:

A. The senior manager from each division and the Office of Program Support with primary responsibility for overseeing outreach activities for the division or office,

B. The three Regional Directors,

C. The Congressional Liaison Officer,

D. The Public Affairs Officer,

E. The Education Committee Chair, and

F. The Chief of the Office of Outreach who is the BOC Chair.

Each principal representative can appoint one alternate who, when attending meetings for the principal, will be considered fully empowered to speak for and make decisions on behalf of the division or office represented.

5. Subcommittees. The Chair is authorized to appoint temporary subcommittees or ad-hoc work groups with the endorsement of the BOC membership.

6. Type of Organization. Temporary.

7. Reporting. The BOC Chair reports to the Associate Director for Programs.

8. Staff. An executive secretary and staff support will be provided by the Office of Outreach.

9. Meetings. Monthly or at the call of the Chair.

10. Sunset Review. The need for continuation of the Committee will be reviewed every 3 years.

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