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308.55 - USGS Geographic Data Committee


OPR: National Mapping Division

1. Establishment. This committee was established by the Director, U.S. Geological Survey, on June 11, 1991.

2. Purpose and Functions. The USGS Geographic Data Committee recommends policies, facilitates sharing of research and technology, and provides guidelines for activities related to the development, use, sharing, and dissemination of spatial geographic data. The committee will:

A. Coordinate USGS representation on subcommittees and working groups of Circular A-16, Circular A-67, and the Interior Geographic Data Committee;

B. Coordinate the inventories of requirements for spatial geoscience data;

C. Coordinate USGS response to these requirements;

D. Advise and assist the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey in developing and implementing policies and strategies for effective development and integration of spatial geoscience data, and to promote technology transfer and data exchange within the USGS;

E. Coordinate the development, use, sharing, and dissemination of spatial geoscience data within the U.S. Geological Survey;

F. Establish and implement standards for quality, content, documentation, and transferability of spatial geoscience data;

G. Provide a focal point on U.S. Geological Survey spatial geoscience data activities for the Interior Geographic Data Committee, the Federal Geographic Data Committee, and other related Federal entities;

H. Coordinate U.S. Geological Survey positions on issues related to spatial geoscience data and technologies;

I. Coordinate the development and use of geographic information systems within the U.S. Geological Survey.

3. Representation. Chairperson: Chief, National Mapping Division for the first year, to be rotated among the operating Divisions thereafter on a yearly basis.

The committee will consist of a representative and alternate from the Water Resources, Geologic, National Mapping and Information Systems Divisions, and the Office of Assistant Director for Research. Division representatives must be at the level of Associate or Assistant Division Chief (or equivalent) and must have full authority to speak for their Divisions in relation to the functions of this committee. The Information Systems Division representative will serve as a liaison to the Information Systems Council, and the Assistant Director for Research representative will serve as a liaison to the Publications and Information Policy and Remote Sensing Research Committees.

4. Type of Organization. Permanent.

5. Reporting. To the Director.

6. Staff. Provided by the Chairperson. Support in specific committee activities provided by the member Divisions as necessary.

7. Meetings. At the call of the Chairperson, or at the request of any member, but not less frequently than once every 3 months.

8. Subcommittees. The committee may establish subcommittees on an ad hoc or permanent basis.

9. Termination Date. None. The charter of this committee will be reviewed every 3 years.

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