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308.26 - Emergency Preparedness Committee


OPR: Assistant Director for Engineering Geology

1. Establishment. This committee was established December 11, 1962.

2. Purpose or Functions. The Committee develops plans for the operation of the Geological Survey and for the protection of personnel and facilities under emergency conditions arising from war, civil disturbances, or natural disasters to assure the continuity of essential functions. The Committee also serves as a focus for preparation of periodic reports required by the Department's Emergency Coordinator and for preparation of special reports on matters involving emergency preparedness.

3. Representation. The Committee will be composed of a member of the Director's Office, designated as Chairperson, and one member from each Division.

Chairperson: James F. Devine, Assistant Director for Engineering Geology

- Members: William Greenwood, Associate Chief


Richard E. Witmer, Assistant Division Chief for Plans and Operations, National Mapping Division

William Mann IV, Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Operations

Wendy Budd, Chief, Office of Computer & Communications Services, Information Systems Division

Gary Kramer, USGS Safety Manager, Administrative Division

Bobby Willis, Security Officer, Administrative DivisionA

4. Type of Organization. Permanent.

5. Reporting. To the Executive Committee.

6. Staff. None. Secretarial services will be provided through Chairperson's office.

7. Meetings. At the call of the Chairperson.

8. Permanent Subcommittees. None.

9. Termination Date. None. This Committee will be reviewed every 3 years.

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