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301.3 - Certification of USGS Reproductions


OPR: Assistant Director for Intergovernmental Affairs

1. Purpose. This chapter provides procedures for certifying and/or affixing an official seal to copies of records in the custody of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the purpose of attesting to the source or authenticity of the reproduction.

2. Applicability. The procedures prescribed below apply to the processing of all requests received for certification of copies of any official books, records, papers, documents, maps, photographs, plats, or diagrams in the custody of the USGS. Copies will be certified and distributed in accordance with the policies and provisions of Departmental Manual 310 DM 10.1.

3. Delegation of Authority. Authority to affix the stamp of the official seal of the USGS and to sign certifying the authenticity of the copy is delegated by the Director in accordance with 43 U.S.C. 1460 as follows:

Headquarters and Eastern Region Assistant

Director for Intergovernmental Affairs

Central Region--Regional Management Officer

Western Region--Regional Management Officer

Chief, EROS Data Center

4. Procedures. Official certification is a three-step process, consisting of preparation of a descriptive statement of the requested copy, affixation of the official USGS seal and signature attesting to the authenticity of the copy.

Documents requiring certification will be accompanied by Form 9-790 (Figure 1) and connected by use of eyelet fasteners at the top. A blue ribbon will be laced through the eyelets, secured with a square knot, and affixed to the form with an adhesive seal. The seal will then be embossed with the official USGS seal and the form signed by a designated employee. The description of copied documents on Form 9-790 should be concise.

5. Fees. A single fee of $10.00 will be collected for each certification action. This fee consists of $9.75 to cover administrative processing and handling costs and $.25 to cover the actual certification of the documents in accordance with 43 U.S.C. 1460. Where established fees exist, charges for the copied documents will be additional to the above.

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