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205.5 - Certification of Long Distance Telephone Calls


OPR: Information Systems Division

1. General. The following are redelegated authority (205 DM 5.4 and 220 DM 10) to make the certification with respect to long distance telephone calls as required by 31 U.S.C. 680a. See SM 403.9 for the required certification. Criteria for justifying use of commercial long distance telephone calls are noted in SM 313.6.

A. Office of the Director

Associate Director

Administrative Officer

Budget and Fiscal Analyst

B. Geologic Division

Division Chief

Associate Division Chief

Assistant Chief Geologists, Eastern, Central,

and Western Regions

Administrative Officer

Geologists-in-Charge of Field Offices

C. National Mapping Division

Division Chief

Associate Division Chief

Digital Cartography Program Manager

Mapping Center Chiefs

EROS Data Center Chief

Assistant Division Chiefs

Administrative Officer

Administrative Officers, Eastern, Mid-

Continent, Rocky Mountain and Western

Mapping Centers, Printing and Distribution

Center, and EROS Data Center

D. Water Resources Division

Division Chief

Assistant Chief Hydrologist for Operations

Administrative Officer

Regional Hydrologists

District Chiefs

Heads of Field Offices

E. Information Systems Division

Assistant Director for Information Systems

Chief, Office of Management Services

Administrative Officer

Field Center Chiefs

F. Administrative Division

Assistant Director for Administration

Administrative Officer

Administrative Operations Specialist

Management Officers, Central and Western


Branch Chiefs

Personnel Officer, Rolla Personnel Office

Personnel Management Specialist-in-Charge,

Atlanta, Georgia, Personnel Office

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