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205.2 - Travel Delegations


OPR:   Office of Administration and Enterprise Information

Instruction: This SM chapter and Appendix A replaces the April 11, 2011, issuance of this chapter.

1.  Purpose and Scope.   This chapter redelegates authority necessary to carry out travel delegations at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

2.  Authority.  In part 205, Chapter 15 of the Departmental Manual (205 DM 15), the Secretary of the Interior Department delegated travel management authority to the Assistant Secretary—Water and Science, who redelegated this authority to the USGS Director in 220 DM 10.  Appendix A to this chapter redelegates the Director’s travel authority to other officials at various levels within the USGS.  Managers and supervisors do not relinquish the power to exercise the authority being delegated to their subordinates.

3.  Policy.  Authorization for travel will be limited to that travel which is essential to the transaction of the USGS mission in the most effective and economical manner. Authorizing officials must take into consideration the need for the travel and the use of travel substitutes, e.g., audio- and video-conferencing, cyber seminars, etc.  The authorities included in this Survey Manual chapter are being delegated to the lowest common level practicable and may not be redelegated.  General provisions regarding policy and limitations on delegations are established in SM 200.1, Delegations, and general provisions regarding policy and guidelines on redelegations are established in SM 200.2, Redelegations.

4.  Definitions.

A.  Temporary Duty Travel (TDT) Authorization.  Issue trip-by-trip TDT authorizations for travel within the United States for the travel of employees, experts, consultants, student services contractors (authorized in the Department of the Interior appropriations language), interviewees, and persons serving without compensation [205 DM 15.5A(1)]. 

(1)  A TDT authorization must be used for all international, training, and conference travel.

B.  Temporary Duty Limited (TDL) Open Authorization.  Issue TDL open travel authorizations to employees who are required to perform frequent and repeated travel within a geographic area within the continental United States [205 DM 15.5A(3)].

C.  Temporary Duty Unlimited (TDU) Open Authorization.  The USGS may designate those employees, by position or title, who may be issued a TDU open travel authorization.  The Assistant Secretary—Water and Science approves the list of designated employees.  This authority may not be redelegated below the Assistant Secretary—Water and Science (205 DM 15.5B).  Once written approval has been obtained from the Assistant Secretary—Water and Science, the Director approves all TDU open authorizations and related vouchers.  This authority may not be redelegated below the USGS Director (205 DM 15.5C).

Appendix A

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