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205.1 - Personnel Management


Office of Primary Responsibility: Office of Human Resources

Instructions: This chapter is revised to include redelegation of the human resources management authority to the Bureau Human Resources Officer as shown below in Section 2, Authority Redelegated.  No changes were made to the appendixes.

1. General. Servicing human resources office staff is available to interpret Federal rules and regulations; explain the Bureau/regional human resources process; and advise, assist, and consult on any issue.

2. Authority Redelegated.  Human resources management authority is delegated to the Director by 220 DM 10.1, subject to limitations established by 205 DM 8. The Deputy Director is authorized to exercise all of the Director's authorities (see SM Chapter 200.1.2). The human resources management authority is further redelegated to the Associate Director for Human Capital who redelegates the authority to the Bureau Human Resources Officer.  Subject to the limitations of 220 DM 10.1 and 205 DM 8, the Bureau Human Resources Officer redelegates human resources management authority as described in, Appendix A, "Jurisdiction of Personnel Offices;" Appendix B, "USGS Delegations of Personnel Management Authority;" Appendix C, "Generic Delegation Levels Established to Facilitate Common Business Practices;" Appendix D, "Delegation of Authority – Details;" Appendix E, "Authorization to Administer Oaths;" and Appendix F, "Requesting Approval of Personnel Actions."  Managers and supervisors do not relinquish the power to exercise the authorities delegated to their subordinates (see SM Chapter 200.2, Redelegations).

In accordance with Office of Personnel Management requirements, official personnel folders, employee performance files, and employee medical folders are maintained by the personnel office having authority to process personnel actions.

3. Policy. All personnel actions taken are to be aligned with the Bureau strategic goals and consistent with the Bureau's work force plan. The USGS uses position management to determine the need for filling vacancies.

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Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Procedures for Implementing a Reduction in Force

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