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100.7 - Organization and Location Codes


OPR: Admin/Office of Personnel

1. Organizational Code. This code is structured to provide organizational information and is prescribed for use on all documents which require organizational identification. The organization code is an eight-digit numerical code which identifies organizational levels and/or cost center functions.

The first position of the organization code is an assigned constant value that identifies the division or equivalent. This organizational level is known as "level 1." Values assigned are:

1 Office of the Director

2 Administrative Division

3 (not used) (formerly Publications Division)

4 Water Resources Division

5 National Mapping Division

6 (not used) (formerly Conservation/MMS)

7 (not used) (formerly LIA/OESA)

8 Information Systems Division

9 Geologic Division

The remaining seven digits are assigned at division level and are used to identify organizational levels within the divisions.

Example: Organization codes used in the National Mapping Division may be represented as follows:

Code for Organization Level 1: 50000000 (National Mapping Division)

Code for Organization Level 2: 52000000 (Mid-Continent Mapping Center)

Code for Organization Level 3: 52020000 (Branch of Geometric Operations)

Code for Organization Level 4: 52020100 (Data Acquisition)

Code for Organization Level 5: 52020110 (Technical Planning Section)

2. Location of Employing Office. The location of employing office will be determined based on the servicing personnel office location. Codes to be used are as follows:

Code- AG, Location- Atlanta, GA, Servicing Personnel Office- Atlanta Personnel Office

Code- HQ, Location- Reston, VA, Servicing Personnel Office- Headquarters Personnel Office

Code- LC, Location- Lakewood, CO, Servicing Personnel Office- Central Region Personnel Office

Code- MC, Location- Menlo Park, CA, Servicing Personnel Office- Western Region Personnel Office

Code- RM, Location- Rolla, MO, Servicing Personnel Office- Rolla Personnel Office.

3. Organization Code Changes. Operating units are responsible for code structure, for requesting new organization codes and changes in organizational nomenclature, and advising when such codes are no longer needed and may be abolished. Requests are to be made by memorandum through division channels to the Chief, Office of Personnel. Requests for major organizational changes must be based on prior approval of organization structure by appropriate official (e.g., Division Chiefs, Assistant Secretary--Policy, Budget, and Administration, etc.). If not yet approved, proposed changes must be coordinated with the Office of Administrative Services.

4. Approval of Codes. The Office of Personnel, Administrative Division, is responsible for final approval of all organization codes, furnishing copies of organization codes and changes to the Office of the Director, Division Administrative Offices, Regional Personnel Offices, and the Office of Financial Management, and for maintaining the official organization code list.

The location codes used to identify employing office will be established and maintained by the Office of Personnel, Administrative Division.

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