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Availability of Intellectual Property for Licensing

The intellectual property listed is available for licensing from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Also listed are inventions, identified as Reports of Invention (ROI) that are pending patent applications. Licenses may be negotiated as either exclusive or nonexclusive.

For further information about applying for a license to USGS intellectual property, please email:

Patented Technologies:

Patent Number Patent Title Availability
5,804,743 Downhole Passive Water Sampler and Method of Sampling Nonexclusively Licensed
6,131,451 Well Flowmeter and Down-Hole Sampler Exclusively Licensed
6,164,127 Well Flowmeter and Down-Hole Sampler Exclusively Licensed
6,216,549 B1 Collapsible Bag Sediment/Water Quality Flow-Weighted Sampler Nonexclusively Licensed
6,236,211 Induced Polarization Method Using Towed Cable Carrying Transmitters and Receivers, etc.  
6,236,212 Induced Polarization Method Using Towed Cable Carrying Transmitters and Receivers, etc.  
6,478,961 B2 Device for Sequestration and Concentration of Polar Organic Chemicals from Water Nonexclusively Licensed
6,618,680 B2 Signal Processor Apparatus for Rotating Water Current Meter Nonexclusively Licensed
6,680,795 B2 Underwater Microscope System  
6,863,815 Small-scale hydrogen oxidizing denitrifying bioractor  
6,690,265 B2 Infrasound Hazard-Warning Method and Device for Alerting Night Migrating Birds to Obstacles  
6,821,442 B1 Method and Apparatus for Control of Aquatic Vertebrate and Invertebrate Invasive Species  
6,896,813 B1 Sorbant Sequestration and Removal of Toxic Metal Ions  
6,936,156 B2 Automated Self-Calibrating Water Quality Monitoring Sensor Housing Assembly  
7,017,425 B1 Bucket Wheel Assembly for Fluid Flowmeters Nonexclusively Licensed
7,157,059 B1 Reduction Device for Nitrate Determination Exclusively Licensed
7,159,851 B1 Apparatus for Deploying and Retrieving Water Sampler Nonexclusively Licensed
7,232,565 B2 Use of Endophytic Fungi to Treat Plants Exclusively Licensed
7,264,777 B1 Measurement of Surface Areas by Polyvinylpyrrolidine Sorption  
7,294,275 B1 Method for the Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater Using Acid Mine Drainage Sludge in a Flow Through Contactor  
7,430,929 B1 Pore-Water Sampler  
7,491,322 B1 Method for the Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater, Etc.  
7,501,046 B1 Solar Distillation Loop Evaporation Sleeve  
7,530,174 B1 Wading Rod Level  
7,629,181 B2 Molecular Tag Reader  
7,631,705 B1 Enhanced Screen Auger Sampling System  
7,687,028 B1 Sequential, Time-Integrated Collector of Precipitation, Ground Water, and Surface Water for Analysis of Isotopes  
7,757,757 B1 In-Well Baffle System  
7,906,313 Curvularia Strains and their use to Confer Stress Tolerance and/or growth Enhancement in Plants  
8,051,727 B1 Pore-Well Profiler  
8,030,287 B2 Spring Viremia of Carp Virus (SVCV) - DNA Vaccine [pSVCVnc]  
8,105,808 B2 Anaerobic Microbial Composition and Methods of Using Same Exclusively Licensed
8,431,640 B2 Composites Comprising Biologically Synthesized Nanomaterials  
8,524,224 Methods of Using Curvularia Strains to Confer Stress Tolerance and/or Growth Enhancement in Plants Exclusively Licensed
8,751,169 A Spectral Method for Determining the Source of Expanded Vermiculite Insulation in Attics and Walls  
8,935,965 Apparatus to Assist in the Collection of Stormwater-Quality Samples in a Vertical Profile  
8,286,512 B1 Apparatus to Assist in the Collection of Stormwater-Quality Samples in a Vertical Profile  
8,651,057 Photographic Animal Counter for Monitoring Movement of Aquatic Animals  
8,463,568 B1 Measuring Seawater Capacitance  
9,011,689 Artificial Recharge System  
9,181,799 Fluid Sampling System  

Patent Applications:

Application Number Title Availability
12/669,711 Stress Tolerance in Plants via Adaptive Symbiosis Exclusively Licensed
14/071,968 Handheld Underwater Suction Sampler  
14/279,604 Chemical Processes for Decreasing Cyanophyte Hepatotoxic Compounds and Maximizing Amino Acid Concentrations in Cyanobacteria Biomass  
14/488,097 Safe, Directional, Drought-resistant Dug Well (SDDW)  
14/514,004 Automatic Surface Elevation Table (Autoset)  
14/402,131 Nozzle Mixing Methods for Ship Ballast Tanks  
61/091,257 Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Turbines with Dim Supplemental Lighting  
62/100,365 Device for Monitoring Subsurface Temperatures (Distributed Temperature Sensor- TROD) Exclusively Licensed
62/118,159 Laser Relative Surface Elevation Table (LRSET)  
62/147,948 Portable Hydrophone-base Underwater Sound Recorder  
62/202,093 AutoDRI (Automated Double Ring Infiltrometer)  
ROI A method for Encoding Media Files for Delivery of Ancillary Content  
ROI Enhancing Microbial Natural Gas Production from Coal Using Coal Oxidation and Selective Stimulation  
ROI Submersible Apparatus to Assist in the Collection of Water-Quality Samples in Vertical Profile  


Number Title Availability
86039204 USGS Science for a Changing World  

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