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South Florida Information Access
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South Florida Ecosystem History Project [More info]
Project is designed to integrate studies from a number of researchers compiling data from terrestrial, marine, and freshwater ecosystems within south Florida. Links to publications, maps, posters, and data of studies.
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) [More info]
Portal of the South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) system providing multiple links to projects, products, information, and data for research, decision-making, and resource management of the South Florida ecosystem restoration effort.
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) data exchange [More info]
Provides links to the data, models and maps on the biology, ecology, geology, mapping, hydrology, and chemistry of research studies in southern Florida.
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) metadata [More info]
Links to metadata of South Florida research projects and to the webpage of the project.
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) projects by region [More info]
Listing of South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) projects by region
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) projects by topic [More info]
Links to explore South Florida and the Everglades ecosystem projects arranged by topic and subtopic, including proposals, project summaries, scopes of work, work plans, publications, and contacts.
South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) publications [More info]
A variety of publications including fact sheets, open file reports, circulars, and posters, are available on the South Florida Information Access (SOFIA) site.
South Florida Restoration Science Forum [More info]
Discussions and posters about agriculture, ecology, hydrology, ecosystems, and resource management efforts in south Florida.
The South Florida environment-- a region under stress [More info]
This report serves as an environmental review and framework for developing USGS programs in the south Florida ecosystem, especially the Everglades and its watershed, and stresses the critical role of water in natural and human environment.