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SAFRR - Science Application for Risk Reduction

SAFRR Projects

SAFRR CORE (Cadre of Relevant Experts)

  • SAFRR CORESAFRR CORE (Cadre of Relevant Experts)

    The SAFRR CORE is a rotating group of experts, brought together to improve the understanding and use of USGS science. CORE activities are building a collection of communication resources.


  • TsunamiScenarioTsunami Scenario

    A hypothetical but likely tsunami scenario affecting California's coastline, representing studies and models of damage, restoration, and social and economic impacts of a tsunami generated by a magnitude 9.1 megathrust Alaskan earthquake.

  • SueNami"The First Sue Nami"

    Collaboration among SAFRR, Art Center College of Design, and other partners produced this tsunami awareness video, targeted for the 18-34 year old audience. New! Evaluation of the Effectiveness of “The First Sue Nami” video.

  • TsunamiAwarenessPrototype Tsunami Awareness Campaign

    Students at Art Center College of Design learned about tsunamis from SAFRR partners in natural science, social science, and emergency management, then designed a fun, engaging, multi-faceted awareness campaign.


  • ShakeOut_mapvuShakeOut Scenario

    A modeled probable earthquake scenario based on the most comprehensive scientific research analysis done to understand the impacts and implications of a hypothetical but realistic 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. Pairing robust science with state-of-the-art modeling and visualization tools makes ShakeOut an accessible and effective message, in scenario form, to enhance community preparedness and resilience to earthquakes.

  • EEW_ShakeAlertEarthquake Early Warning (EEW)

    An existing technological capability (not yet implemented in CA) for providing a few seconds of advance notification before arrival of earthquake-generated seismic waves causing ground shaking, with current efforts underway to move forward with providing users with the means to utilize the system for warning and preparedness action plans.

  • Haywired scenarioHaywired Scenario

    SAFRR Scenario currently under development: an earthquake sequence triggered by a Mw 7.05 earthquake on the Hayward fault, with an emphasis on understanding impacts from modern society's lifeline interdependencies and reliance on the Internet.

Risk Perception & Communication: An Intersection of Hazard, Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • DebrisFlowDebris Flow and Wildfire Evacuation Messaging

    What persuades someone to heed a debris flow or wildfire evacuation warning? SAFRR partners in emergency management are especially interested in the results of this study, now underway with Columbia's Center for Research on Environmental Decisions. New! Study now available.

  • EarthquakeHazPartnership for Community Disaster Resilience

    SAFRR is now a partner in the Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience project, a 3-year pilot collaboration to promote community resilience in the face of a wide range of public health emergencies.

  • DesignStormEarthquake Risk Communication Design Storm

    Bringing together seismologists, emergency managers, risk communication researchers, and design professionals to develop a framework for earthquake probability messages for both emergency managers and the general public.


Winter Storm / Flooding

  • ARkStormARkStorm Scenario

    A modeled scenario of U.S. West Coast winter storm events induced by the formation of Atmospheric Rivers (AR) and capable of causing massive and devastating flooding.


  • WildfireLiving With Wildfires

    Students at Art Center College of Design prototyped wildfire awareness campaigns after SAFRR exposed them to wildfire research and safety issues.

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