Paleoclimate Research

Research Projects

Map of USGS Paleoclimate Research Sites.
Paleoclimate Research Sites

Drivers and Impacts of North Pacific Climate Variability

Exploring Future Flora, Environments, and Climates Through Simulations (EFFECTS)

Geologic Records of High Sea Levels

Geological Investigations of the Neogene

Land-Sea Linkages in the Arctic

Natural Drought and Flood Histories from Lacustrine Archives

Pacific-2100: Extreme warm events of the past as a guide for Earth’s future

Paleohydrology of Desert Wetlands

Past Perspectives of Water in the West

Reconstructing Ocean Circulation & Hydroclimate in the Subtropical Atlantic

Sea Level and Storm Hazards: Past and Present

Terrestrial Records of Holocene Climate Change: Fire, climate and humans

Wetlands of the Quaternary