The USGS has a number of multimedia resources that help us share our science pertaining to Hurricane Sandy. These include photo galleries, videos, presentations, newsletters and other communications products. Find more at the USGS Multimedia Gallery.

Aerial Photography

Coastal imagery of pre- and post- storm conditions from Hurricane Sandy.

Pre-storm and post-storm aerial photos of coast from Hurricane Sandy

Before/After Photo Pairs

Photos pairs are used to compare the pre-storm and post-storm conditions at locations representing a broad range of coastal configurations and their response to the storm. Pre-storm photos were acquired during a baseline survey May 21, 2009 and post-storm photos were acquired November 4-6, 2012.

Before/After Lidar Topography

The USGS acquired an airborne LIDAR survey of post-storm topography of Fire Island on November 5, 2012, to measure coastal change resulting from Hurricane Sandy. Comparisons of the post-storm elevation data to LIDAR data collected prior to Sandy’s landfall are used to characterize the nature, magnitude, and spatial variability of hurricane-induced coastal changes, such as beach erosion, overwash deposition, and island breaching. These measurements complement field-based observations of coastal change that were collected immediately prior to and three days after landfall.

Screenshot of the Coastal Change Hazards Portal demonstration video

Coastal Change Hazards Portal Tutorial Video

This video is a tutorial demonstration of how to use the USGS Coastal Change Hazards Portal.