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Workplace Violence Handbook
Appendix 1 - Emergency Response Checklist


For an angry or hostile encounter

  • Stay calm by taking deep, slow breaths
  • Listen attentively
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Be courteous and patient
  • Keep the situation in your control
  • Maintain a calm, quiet tone of voice
  • Attempt to avoid arguing or making statements that might intensify the individual's angry/hostile demeanor

For a person shouting, swearing, and threatening

  • Signal a coworker or supervisor that you need help
  • Have someone call security personnel
  • Do not make any calls yourself
  • Avoid statements and/or behaviors that could escalate the individual's threatening statements/behavior

For someone with a weapon

  • Stay calm - Maintain eye contact
  • Stall for time
  • Keep talking...but follow instructions of the person with the weapon
  • Don't risk harm to yourself and others
  • Don't ever try to be a hero - Never try to grab a weapon
  • Watch for a safe chance to escape, then contact security personnel or local police if they have not already been contacted


  • Stay calm. Keep talking
  • Do not hang up
  • Signal a coworker or supervisor to contact security personnel
  • Ask the caller to repeat the message; write it down
  • For a bomb threat, ask where it is and when it will go off; repeat these questions if necessary
  • Listen for background noises; write down what you hear
  • Write down whether it is a man or a woman; pitch or tone of voice or accent; anything you notice
  • Try to get the caller's name, location, and phone number


Security Office: ____________________________

Health Unit: ________________________________

Police: ____________________________________

Ambulance: ________________________________

Personnel: _________________________________

EAP: ______________________________________

Federal Protective Service: ____________________

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