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Accretion of Duties Promotion

Download the Accretion of Duties Form (PDF, 8K)

An accretion of duties is a promotion resulting from the upgrading of an employee's position because of additional duties and responsibilities. Jobs change and evolve for many reasons. Such changes may happen gradually over a long period of time, or rapidly as a result of specific planned management decisions to make changes to work assignments. When minor change occurs, there is typically no impact on a position's classification. When change is substantial, it may affect both the level and kind of work being done.

All of the following must exist in order to support an accretion promotion:

  1. There is demonstrated evidence of higher-level work.
  2. The old job is absorbed in the new job or is a natural successor to the previous position.
  3. The accretion action will not result in the creation of a new position (i.e. there is no residual vacancy to be filled).
  4. The position is determined to have no further promotion potential beyond the grade level to which the employee is accreted.

An accretion promotion is a promotion that is exempted from competition under the bureau Merit Promotion Plan. In other words, a vacancy announcement is not required. An accretion requires that the employee continue to perform the same basic function in the new position, and that the new job is a clear successor to and absorbs the duties of the old position. The accretion promotion process may not be utilized under the following conditions:

  1. When an employee would potentially move from one position to a wholly different position at a higher-grade level.
  2. The proposed promotion action would result in a new position that has a higher full performance level than the grade to which the incumbent is being promoted.
  3. The promotion is due to the addition of substantive, new and higher-graded duties when there are other employees serving in similar or identical positions within the organization to whom the new duties could have been assigned.
  4. The proposed promotion is due to the addition of supervisory duties to a non-supervisory position causing it to be classified to a higher grade.

Department of the Interior and the USGS Merit Promotion Policy and Plans may be found at and

Management is required to document the changes in a position that is recommended for an accretion promotion. Managers, not personnel specialists, should develop the accretion documentation since managers are accountable for the decisions on assignment of duties. Their written statement of the position changes and management rationale for effecting the changes will provide a record that is important in justifying and defending decisions made, especially in unique or sensitive situations. This documentation must be included with the position description to support the proposed accretion.

Download the Accretion of Duties Form (PDF, 8K)

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