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How to Handle Video for your DL Course

Some course developers prefer to work with their own videos, resizing them, etc. If you are NOT one of those, you can give us (the DL Team) a CD or an ftp site address, of where the video file resides, and we will do what is necessary to convert your video to Flash®, add closed-captioning and then publish the file to an html file and load it on our OED server here in Denver. We will then notify you of the URL to your video and you can add it to your course in PowerPoint®. If you are a developer who wants to handle your own video conversion, settings, and add your own closed-captioning, below are some steps that may help you. The instructions below are for using Flash® 8 to work with your videos.

Answer these important questions:

  1. First, convert your video to Flash® video (.flv). I use Sorenson Squeeze software by Sorenson® Media, but there are a number of free video converters as well. You can use the "Test" version for 30 days.
  2. Open a new Flash® Professional 8 document and if the Components panel is not visible select Window --> Components.
    When the Panel opens you will notice there are now three component sets aimed at FLV Playback. They are:
    • FLVPLayback Player 8 : This component can only be used if the Flash® 8 Player is being used for video delivery.
    • FLV Playback Custom UI: This series of controls can be used when you don't add the controller to the Playback component. They only work in Flash® Player 8.
    • Media Player 6-7 : Select these components if Flash® Player 7 or 6 is your player of choice.
  3. Import your Flash® video on to the stage:
    • File --> Import --> Video
    • Browse to the directory where you have put your flv video file.
    • Click Next
    • Select "Progressive download froma web server" from the Deployment dialog box.
    • Select the CaptionedSteelExternalAll as the player skin.
  4. Drag a copy of the FLVPlayback component from the FLV Playback-Player 8 group to the stage.
  5. The first thing you will notice is the component contains both an FLV icon and a controller. The other thing to check on the Property inspector is the dimensions of the video player. The Width and Height measurements for the component should match the video's dimensions.
  6. With the video component selected, click once on the Parameters tab of the Property inspector or select Window --> Component Inspector to open the inspector for the FLVPlayback component.
  7. Save your .fla file
  8. Open the Component Inspector menu.
    Use the following values:
    • AutoPlay = False. This lets the user start the video, which is a Section 508 Accessibility feature we must use.
    • bufferTime= 0.5. This tells Flash® how much video to place in a buffer to ensure smooth playback.
    • contentPath: Click the folder and navigate to the YOURVIDEOFILE.FLV file (where YOURVIDEOFILE is the name of your recently converted .flv video file).
    • skinAutoHide= false. This ensures the controls are always visible.
  9. Save the .fla file again.
  10. Test the movie by clicking on the Control menu and selecting Test Movie.
  11. Now click on File --> Publish to publish the file to an HTML and a SWF file.
  12. At this point, you can send all the files (.flv, .swf, .html,.fla) for the video to the DL Team for closed captioning. We will take care of the final publishing, with captions, and serve the video from our Web server here in Denver.
  13. We will let you know the URL to the closed-captioned video and you can add the link to your DL course.

Closed Captioning Your Video

Select the following link for basic instructions on how to use Captionate® software to closed caption your FLV video file: If you'd rather have the DL Team do this for you, we are more than happy to.

Resizing the Browswer Window Around Your Video

If you are handling the settings of your video file, select the link below to see some Java® scripting that will allow your browser window, where your video appears, to be resized: ResizeWindow.html. A big thank you to Mike Nolan (USGS, WRD) for figuring this one out!!

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