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    Available Online Courses, Other CD-ROM and Web-based Training, and Online Courses in Development

    Available Online and Blended Courses

    • NewUSGS Firearms Safety—Specimen Collection (OLT)
      • Course Number: USGS-S-1ro7-094-0LT
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
    • NewUSGS Water-Use Modules:
      • Register for all modules in DOI Learn
      • USGS Water Use—Public Supply (USGS-H-17-094-OLT)
      • USGS Water Use—Water-Use Concepts (USGS-H-17-126-OLT)
      • USGS Water Use—Intro to the 5-Year Water-Use Compilation (USGS-H-17-127-OLT)
      • USGS Water Use—Irrigation (USGS-H-17-128-OLT)
      • USGS Water Use—Thermoelectric Power Generation (USGS-H-17-129-OLT)
    • Precipitation Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) Software Videos
    • HydroTube Short, On-Demand Hydrologic Software Instructional Videos
      • These are short, on-demand instructional videos for SWAMI, Surface-Water Rating Curves, ADCP Midsection, and Groundwater Technical Procedures. More videos to come in the future.
    • Water-Quality Principles
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-QW1022-Blended
      • Tuition: $400.00
      • Register for Course in DOI LEARN
      • This course does have open and close dates. For more information on Course dates, call Lisa Olsen at (703) 648-5809.
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • Using ADCPs in Moving Bed Conditions
      • Course Number: SW3507
      • Register for Course in DOI LEARN
    • Surface-Water Procedures and Policies
      • Course Number: SW1660
      • Register for Course in DOI LEARN
    • Radiation Safety
      • Course Number: SAF1685
      • Register for Course in DOI LEARN
    • USGS Mentoring National Rollout Partner Training
      • Course Number: L1516
      • Must have already applied to be a mentor or protégé for the Mentoring Program.
        • Kim Miller ( is the USGS Mentoring Program Project Chief. Contact Kim if you are interested in the Program.
      • Register for course in DOI LEARN.
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) Blended Learning Course consists of the TEL Module Prerequisite, followed by the Hands-On Practicals Module
      • Course Number for DL Prerequisite module: USGS-SAF-MOCC-S1657-UDT
      • First, student should contact their local MOCC Instructor or respective member on the Bureau Watercraft Safety Committee informing them of their training need and /or to schedule attendance in the Practicals class.
      • Student will then register for the MOCC DL module in DOI Learn.
      • Within 60 days of completion of the DL module, the Bureau Water Safety Committee will notify student of when and where the Practicals class will be held.
      • The student then registers for the Practicals class (USGS-SAF-MOCC-S2554) in DOI Learn.
      • Supervisory approval is needed for both modules of the MOCC.
    • Bear Spray--Defense Against Dangerous Animals
      • Course Number: USGS-SAF-S1581
      • Register for course in DOI LEARN.
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • Procedures for Running Levels at Gaging Stations
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-SW1683
      • Register for course in DOI LEARN.
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • Introduction to Streamgaging
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-SW1749
      • Register for course in DOI LEARN.
      • Tuition: $1,350
      • This is a blended learning course. Two on-line course prerequisites to the classroom portion of the course include: "Surface-Water Procedures and Policies" and "Procedures for Running Levels at Gaging Stations."
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • Workforce Planning for Supervisors and Managers
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-HR1742
      • Register for course in DOI LEARN.
      • Does not need supervisory approval.
    • Refresher for Defense Against Wild Animals
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-SAF-S2680
      • Register for course in DOI Learn.
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • Practical Guide to Pacific Northwest Earthquakes
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-ID1741
      • Register and take course in DOI Learn.
      • Supervisory approval is not needed.
    • Prerequisite Material for the SW1321 "Streamflow Measurements Using ADCPs" Training Course
      • Course Number: SW1321 Prerequisite-UDT
      • Register for course in DOI Learn.
      • Supervisory approval required.
    • USGS Sustainability and Environmental System Awareness Training
      • Course Number:  USGS-OED-EMSTraining-OLT
      • Course is in DOI LEARN
    • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Overview
      • Course Number:  NEPA1787-OLT
      • Course is in DOI LEARN
    • Scientific Integrity
      • Course Number: DOIU-3003-OLT-DOI
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
      • Needs supervisory approval
    • How to use Nature’s Notebook
      • Course Number: USGS-USNPN-001-OLT
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
      • Does not need supervisory approval
    • Using the National Map Products and Services
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-ID1868-UDT
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
      • This course is open to all DOI employees
    • USGS AQUARIUS for all Users (UDT)
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-C1871-UDT
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
      • The modules are prerequisites to the face-to-face class for Core Users
    • USGS AQUARIUS for Local Data Managers (UDT)
      • Course Number: USGS-OED-C1872-UDT
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
      • The AQUARIUS for All Users (C1871-UDT) is a prerequisite to the AQUARIUS for LDMs course
      • Open to USGS employees only
    • Index Velocity Methods
    • USGS Empowering Authors (UDT)
      • Course Number: USGS-M-17-008
      • Register for course in DOI Learn
      • Open to all DOI Employees
    • 2016 USGS Annual Ethics Training
      • Course Number: USGS-A-16-171
      • Course is mandatory for all USGS employees

    Other CD-ROM and Web-based Training

    Online and Blended Courses in Development to be Released in the Near Future

    • USGS Benchmarks
    • Indirect Measurements Videos
    • More HydroTube Videos
    • Sound Sediment Science
    • BASIS + for Project Management
    • Get Your Science Used
    • GRSAT
    • Communications Foundation (ID1681)
    • Animal Awareness in the Southeast (SAF1679)
    • Sediment Transport Principles and Estimation (ID1684)
    • Spaceborne Image Acquisition for Surface Observation and Generation: Overview of Advanced Sensing Systems, Analysis, and Applications
    • USGS Scientific Project Management
    • Technology Transfer
    • Flood Frequency Analysis
    • Communicating Risks with Graphics
    • Learn R for Data Analysis

    If you know of an instructor-led course that should be served via DL, please contact Tj Lane.

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