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Action Learning Scenarios (ALS) and Results

"…action learning is both a process and a powerful program that involves a small group of people solving real problems while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit each group member and the organization as a whole" ~ Michael Marquardt

Date Topic Champion(s)
Scenario Results
September 25-29, 2000 How do you Explore Methods to Manage Human Resources Management Council (HRMC) Issues Bureau-Wide Throughout the Disciplines? Jeffrey Armbruster
Lew Wade (sponsor)
  How do we Plan, Prioritize, and Implement Multidiscipline Training Within the Concept of a Strong Region/Discipline Organization? Dianne Jeffries 2000.0925.ALS-2  
  How to Develop a Single Source for Bibliographic Information About All Reports Published by the USGS and Authored by the USGS? Barb Ryan
Ken Lanfear (sponsor)
June 4-8, 2001 Performance Reviews for Non-Research Grade Employees Bill Fordyce,
Janice Nash and Dianne Jeffries (sponsors)
  Cost Containment in the USGS Kathy Clement and Carol Aten 2001.0604.ALS-2  
  Integrating Leadership Competencies and Behaviors Jeffrey Armbruster
Nancy Driver (sponsor)
  Leading Up, Down and Across
360 Degree Leading
Jeffrey Armbruster
Nancy Driver (sponsor)
June 18-22, 2001 Develop a Marketing Plan for the Leadership Development Program Jeffrey Armbruster
Nancy Driver (sponsor)
  How does the USGS Implement Knowledge Management? Karen Siderelis
Dianne Jeffries (sponsor)
  How do you really do integrated science? Bonnie McGregor 2001.0618.ALS-3  
  Leading up, down and across
360 degree leading
Jeffrey Armbruster
Nancy Driver (sponsor)
June 17-21, 2002 Vision for the USGS Chip Groat
Barbara Wainman
  Support of DOI and National Program Needs Tom Casadevall
Tim Miller (sponsor)
  Business Model Bonnie McGregor 2002.0617.ALS-3  
  How Do You Lead Through Competitive Sourcing? Kathy Clement
Carol Aten
September 16-20, 2002 Strategic Change Success Stories Barbara Wainman
Carol Aten
  Developing Next-Generation Senior Leadership Cadre Kathy Clement, Bonnie McGregor
Dianne Jeffries (sponsor)
  Center Director involvement in Bureau Planning and Business Practices Activities Chip Groat
Tim Miller (sponsor)
  How do we enhance and maintain the scientific credibility of the USGS in a difficult and competitive budget climate? Pat Leahy
Linda Gunderson (sponsor)
June 9-13, 2003 How does the USGS Implement a meaningful integration of its research and education contributions during a restrictive and competitive budget climate? Bob Ridky (sponsor) 2003.0609.ALS-1  
  How can a science impact office be designed so that it is sustainable? Carl Shapiro (sponsor) 2003.0609.ALS-2  
  How do we get the business rules, developed by the separate disciplines, to reinforce an interdisciplinary approach to science? Bob Doyle 2003.0609.ALS-3 2003.0609.ALS-3 Results
September 15-19, 2003 Leadership and the OAS: What are we hearing? Barbara Wainman 2003.0915.ALS-1  
  Strategic Facilities Management Bob Doyle 2003.0915.ALS-2 2003.0915.ALS-2.Results
  Integrated Science Planning – Getting Project/Field Center Involvement Bonnie McGregor
Tom Armstrong (Sponsor)
2003.0915.ALS-3 2003.0915.ALS-3.Results
  USGS Role in Science with DOI Bureaus Sue Haseltine 2003.0915.ALS-4  
August 2-6, 2004 The Executive Leadership Team: Are they a team and is their leadership effective? Bob Doyle
Barbara Wainman
2004.0802.ALS-1 2004.0802.ALS-1.Results
  Creating a Rewarding USGS Environment: Assessing the future Bonnie McGregor
Janis Nash (Sponsor)
  Implementing a Federal Enterprise Architecture Within The USGS: Charting The Future For the Survey Karen Siderelis
Andrea Alpine (Sponsor)
  Developing Successful Leaders and Managers: Preparing for the Future Kaye Cook
Stacy Bushee (Sponsor)
April 11-15, 2005 Less with Less: The Communications and Leadership Challenge Bob Doyle and
Barbara Wainman
Leslie McElroy, Jess Weaver (Sponsors)
  Maintaining a Rewarding USGS Environment in Times of "Less with Less" Olivia Ferriter, Janis Nash, Laure Wallace and
Stacy Bushee (sponsors)
2005.0411.ALS-2 2005.0411.ALS-2.Results
  USGS Fleet Management Carol Aten 2005.0411.ALS-3 2005.0411.ALS-3.Results
July 11-15, 2005 Managing Leadership Development Suzette Kimball
Carole Carter (sponsor)
2005.0711.ALS-1 2005.0711.ALS-1.Results
  Maintaining a Rewarding USGS Environment in Challenging Times Amy Holley
Janis Nash (sponsor)
2005.0711.ALS-2 2005.0711.ALS-2.Results
  Naming and Renaming USGS Organizations Carol Aten 2005.0711.ALS-3 2005.0711.ALS-3.Results
  Creating a Leadership-Centered Culture in Times of Doing "Less with Less" Barbara Wainman 2005.0711.ALS-4 2005.0711.ALS-4.Results
April 3-7, 2006 Improving the Ability of USGS Managers to Engage and Lead Employees Bob Doyle and Pam Malam 2006.0403.ALS-1 2006.0403.ALS-1.Results
  Proactively and Positively Managing Organizational Change During Regional Restructuring Pat Leahy and
Suzette Kimball
2006.0403.ALS-2 2006.0403.ALS-2.Results
  Competitive Sourcing at the USGS Karen Siderelis and
Barbara Wainman
2006.0403.ALS-3 2006.0403.ALS-3.Results
  Engaging Employees and Stakeholders in the Bureau Science Strategy Linda Gunderson and Marty Goldhaber (Sponsors) 2006.0403.ALS-4 2006.0403.ALS-4.Results
July 17-21, 2006 Improving the Ability of USGS Managers to Engage and Lead Employees Bob Doyle and Pam Malam 2006.0717.ALS-1 2006.0717.ALS-1.Results
  Molding Mark Myers Barbara Wainman
Amy Holley (Sponsor)
2006.0717.ALS-2 2006.0717.ALS-2.Results
  Science, Facilities and Administrative Costs Karen Baker 2006.0717.ALS-3 2006.0717.ALS-3.Results
  The Role of USGS Science in Structured Decision-Making Processes Sue Haseltine
Ken Williams and Dan Ashe (Sponsors)
2006.0717.ALS-4 2006.0717.ALS-4.Results
March 26-30, 2007 The Diversity Business Case Pam Malam
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
  Leading the Effort to Implement a USGS Data Integration Blueprint Karen Siderelis
Kevin Gallagher (Sponsor)
  Engaging Employees in the New USGS Science Strategy Bob Doyle
Barbara Wainman
  Achieving the USGS Science Strategy: Maximizing Organizational Effectiveness Suzette Kimball
Dave Russ and Jess Weaver (Sponsors)
June 25-29, 2007 Increasing USGS Partnership Opportunities through Additional Funding Acceptance Authorities Karen Baker
Louie Pectol (Sponsor)
  USGS Response to DOI's Technical Guide and Departmental Order on Use of Adaptive Management by DOI Bureaus Sue Haseltine
Ken Williams (Sponsor)
  The Diversity Business Case Pam Malam
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
March 31-April 4, 2008 The Diversity Business Case Pam Malam
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
  Engaging Partners in a New Way: The National Global Warming and Wildlife Science Center Sue Haseltine 2008.0331.ALS-2  
  Moving Toward a Common Bureau-Wide Science Planning Process Barbara Wainman 2008.0331.ALS-3  
June 9-13, 2008 The Diversity Business Case Pam Malam
Alesia Pierre-Louis
  Moving Toward a Common Bureau-Wide Science Planning Process Barbara Wainman 2008.0609.ALS-2  
  Increasing Program Efficiencies Barbara Ryan 2008.0609.ALS-3  
March 30 – April 3, 2009 Top Ten Potential: Making the USGs One of the Government's Best Places to Work Suzette Kimball
Barbara Wainman
  The Leadership Case for Diversity Pam Malam
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
2009.0330.ALS-2 2009.0330.ALS-2.Results
  Leading the USGS through a Time of National Economic Challenge Matt Larsen    
  Science at the DOI: Who's Responsible for What? Sue Haseltine    
June 15-19. 2009 Top Ten Potential: Making the USGS One of the Government's Best Places to Work Suzette Kimball
Barbara Wainman
  The Leadership Case for Diversity Pam Malam
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
2009.0615.ALS-2 2009.0615.ALS-2.Results
  The Proposed John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis Sue Haseltine?   2009.0615.ALS-3.Results
March 22-26, 2010 Engaging All Employees in Science Excellence Marcia McNutt
Suzette Kimball
  USGS EPN: The Dilemma of Consolidation Kevin Gallagher   2010.0322.ALS-2.Results
  The Leadership Case for Diversity Bill Werkheiser w/
Veronica Johnson
June 14-18, 2010 Boundary Spanning Leadership at the Science Resources Management Interface Marcia McNutt
Suzette Kimball
2010.0614.ALS-1 2010.0614.ALS-1.Results
  Talking Change: How to More Effectively Communicate About the Reorganization Barbara Wainman w/
Joanne Taylor
2010.0614.ALS-2 2010.0614.ALS-2.Results
  USGS Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Sue Haseltine
Dave Bornholdt (Sponsor)
March 21-25, 2011 The Use of Economics in the USGS as a Bridge between Science and Societal Decisions Ione Taylor
Carl Shapiro (Sponsor)
2011.0321.ALS-1 2011.0321.ALS-1.Results
  Strengthening the Bonds between USGS Diversity Sub-Councils and USGS Employees Leslie Holland-Bartels
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
2011.0321.ALS-2 2011.0321.ALS-2.Results
  Leading a "Best Place to Work" in Federal Government Effort Ralph Charlip
Alesia Pierre-Louis (Sponsor)
2011.0321.ALS-3 2011.0321.ALS-3.Results
August 1-5, 2011 The National Research Program within the Context of the USGS Strategic Directions Bill Werkheiser
Jerad Bales (Sponsor)
2011.0801.ALS-1 2011.0801.ALS-1.Results
  The Use of Economics in the USGS as a Bridge Between Science and Societal Decisions (follow up) Ione Taylor
Carl Shapiro (Sponsor)
  Strengthening the Bonds Between USGS Diversity Sub-Councils and USGS Employees Leslie Holland-Bartels
Alesia Pierre-Louis
Diversity Sub-Council (Sponsor)
2011.0801.ALS-3 2011.0801.ALS-3.Results
  Cutting Costs While Keeping Our Science Strong Karen Baker
Barbara Wainman
2011.0801.ALS-4 2011.0801.ALS-4.Results
March 12-16, 2012 Launching and Developing an Identity for the New USGS Environmental Health Mission Area Suzette Kimball, Ione Taylor, Patti Bright, Herb Buxton 2012.0312.ALS-1 2012.0312.ALS-1.Results
  Creating an Engaged Workforce by Communicating Effectively with Employees Barbara Wainman, Tom Brocher, Sarah Gerould, Veronica Johnson, Kurt Newman, Greg Steyer 2012.0312.ALS-2 2012.0312.ALS-2.Results
  Strengthening the Bonds between USGS Diversity Sub-Councils and USGS Employees Leslie Holland-Bartels, Alesia Pierre-Louis, John Szemraj 2012.0312.ALS-3 2012.0312.ALS-3.Results
June 11-15, 2012 A New Vision for Laboratories in the Water Mission Area Bill Werkheiser, Jerad Bales 2012.0611.ALS-1 2012.0611.ALS-1.Results
  Strengthening the Bonds between USGS Diversity Sub-Councils and USGS Employees Leslie Holland-Bartels, Alesia Pierre-Louis 2012.0611.ALS-2 2012.0611.ALS-2.Results
  Sustainability, Science, and the USGS Marcia McNutt, Ione Taylor, Carl Shapiro, Sally Brady 2012.0611.ALS-3 2012.0611.ALS-3.Results

No Leadership 201 classes were held in 2013

July 21-25, 2014 #Water - Think USGS Bill Werkheiser, Barbara Wainman, Ethan Alpern 2014.0721.ALS-4
  Diversity and the USGS Science Pipeline Sarah Ryker, Virginia Burkett 2014.0721.ALS-2
  Engaging Employees in the Major Digital Changes Happening in the USGS Barbara Wainman, Karen Armstrong, David Hebert 2014.0721.ALS-3
  The Science Portfolio: Strategic Positioning and Periodic Reassessment - What Does This Really Mean? Leon Carl, Bill Guertal 2014.0721.ALS-4
June 15 - 19, 2015 Water — Think USGS Bill Werkheiser, Barbara Wainman 2015.0615.ALS-1 scenario 2015.0615.ALS-1
  Enduring support for our science mission Jose Aragon, Katie McCulloch, Julie Wozniak, Shari Delung 2015.0615.ALS-2 scenario 2015.0615.ALS-2
  The USGS Workforce Plan Mark Sogge, Nancy Lee, Bill Werkheiser 2015.0615.ALS-3 scenario 2015.0615.ALS-3
  Working with the matrix at USGS Geoff Plumlee, Paul Young, Dan Hayba 2015.0615.ALS-4 scenario 2015.0615.ALS-4
August 3-7, 2015 The USGS Bureau Workforce Plan Kevin Gallagher and
Jill Nissan
2015.08.03.ALS-1 2015.08.03.ALS-1
  Sustaining Support for Our Science Mission José Aragon, Julie Wozniak, and Shari Delung 2015.08.03.ALS-2 2015.08.03.ALS-2
  Rewarding Risk-Taking and Innovation at the USGS Suzette Kimball, Barbara Wainman, and Dave Hebert 2015.08.03.ALS-3 2015.08.03.ALS-3
  Expect Innovation from the Enterprise Information Office:  21st Century Information Technology for 21stCentury Science! Tim Quinn and Paul Exter 2015.08.03.ALS-4 2015.08.03.ALS-4
August 15-19, 2016 USGS Trusted Digital Repositories Randy Orndorff and Keith Kirk 2016.0815.ALS-1 2016.0815.ALS-1_
  USGS Workforce Accountability: Roles and Responsibilities David Applegate, José Aragon, and Gregory Shelton 2016.0815.ALS-2 2016.0815.ALS-2_Results
  Creating a Rewarding Environment Paul Young, Dan Hippe, and Pam Agnew 2016.0815.ALS-3 2016.0815.ALS-3_Results
  Rewarding Risk-taking and Innovation at the USGS

Barbara Wainman and Stacy Bushée

2016.0815.ALS-4 2016.0815.ALS-4_Results
July 17-21, 2017 Becoming a More Nimble Organization Mike Tupper and Dan Hippe 2017.0717.ALS-1 2017.0717.ALS-1_Results
  What Makes a Center Healthy? Holly Weyers and Katie McCulloch 2017.0717.ALS-2 2017.0717.ALS-2_Results
  Fostering High Priority, Multi-mission Area Science with the Expertise, Facilities and Capabilities Required Leon Carl, Tim McHale, and Andrea Ostroff 2017.0717.ALS-3 2017.0717.ALS-3_Results
  Knowledge Transfer Across Generations Tim Quinn and Paul Exter 2017.0717.ALS-4 2017.0717.ALS-4_Results
August 14-18, 2017 Building an Inclusive Work Environment ...A Smarter Way to Work Regina Neal-Mujahid 2017.0814.ALS-1 2017.0814.ALS-1_Results
  Employee Engagement Julie Wozniak, Stacy Bushée, and Andy Ziegler 2017.0814.ALS-2 2017.0814.ALS-2_Results
  Building Generation Z Lab Capabilities: Energy & Minerals Mission Area Starting Point Murray Hitzman, Geoff Plumlee, and Kenna Butler 2017.0814.ALS-3 2017.0814.ALS-3_Results
June 4-8, 2018 Supporting the Mission of USGS Science Through STEM Learning Activities Craig Robinson (Champion)
Eleanor Snow (Sponsor)
2018.0604.ALS-1 2018.0604.ALS-1 Results
  Creating a Culture of Anti-harassment in USGS Regina Neal-Mujahid and Aimee Devaris (Champions)
Stacy Curtis (Sponsor)
2018.0604.ALS-2 2018.0604.ALS-2 Results
  Leadership Effectively Engaging and Communicating with Employees Holly Weyers and Mark Sogge (Champions)
Stacy Curtis (Sponsor)
2018.0604.ALS-3 2018.0604.ALS-3 Results
  Using Science Center Social Media to Strengthen the USGS Brand Leslie Jones (Champion)
Karen Armstrong and Scott Horvath (Sponsors)
2018.0604.ALS-4 2018.0604.ALS-4 Results
August6-10, 2018 Evaluating and Maintaining the Health of the Workforce in a Stressful Budget Environment Craig Robinson (Champion) and Eleanour Snow(Sponsor) 2018.0810.ALS-1 2018.0810.ALS-1 Results
  Centers of the Future: Metrics For Success Leon Carl (Champion), Holly Weyers, Linda Leake, Scott Morlock, and Dan Hayba (Sponsors) 2018.0810.ALS-2 2018.0810.ALS-2 Results
  Who's In Charge? Effective Succession Planning Across USGS Kevin Gallagher, Holly Weyers (Champions), and Jill Nissan (Sponsor) 2018.0810.ALS-3 2018.0810.ALS-3 Results
  Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Inclusion at the Local Level Regina Neal-Mujahid (Champion), Ulysees Gilbert, and Ashley Cannady (sponsors) 2018.0810.ALS-4 2018.0810.ALS-4 Results

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