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AD Associate Director
AD Alternative Discipline
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
ADR Alternate Dispute Resolution
AEI Administration and Enterprise Information
AEP Affirmative Employment Program
ALP Aspiring Leader Program
ALS Action Learning Scenarios
AO Administrative Officer
AOA Administrative Operations Assistant
APS Administrative Policy & Services
ASL American Sign Language
AWS Alternative Work Schedule


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BI Background Investigation
BRD Biology Resources Discipline


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CADR Collaborative Action & Dispute Resolution
CBT Computer-Based Training
CCMM Core Competency Model for Managers
CD Center Director
CDP Candidate Development Program
CDP Career Development Program
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CLC Corporate Leadership Council
CLU Climate and Land-Use Change
CO Contracting Officer
COB Close of Business
COLA Cost of Living Allowance
COO Continuity of Operations
COOP Continuity of Operations Plan
COO Continuity of Operations
COR Contracting Officer’s Representative
CORE Conflict Resolution
COTR Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
CP Compensable Veteran
CPS Compensable Veteran (30% or more disabled)
CRU  Cooperative Research Unit
CS Competitive Sourcing
CSS Core Science Systems
CTAP Career Transition Assistance Plan


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DEO Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
DEU Delegated Examining Unit
DISC Personal DISCernment Inventory (also PDI)
DO Director’s Office
DOI Department of the Interior
DOI LEARN Department of Interior Learning Management System
DOIU Department of the Interior University


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ECQ Executive Core Qualifications (SES)
EAP Emergency Action Plan
EAP Employee Assistance Program
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EI Emotional Intelligence
ELP Executive Leader Program
ELT Executive Leadership Team
EMEH Energy, Minerals, and Environmental Health
EOD Enter on Duty
eOPF Electronic Official Personnel Folder
EPAP Employee Performance Appraisal Plan
EPF Employee Performance Folder
EQ Emotional Quotient
eQIP Electronic Questionnaire


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FAPAC Federal Asian Pacific American Council
FBMS Federal Business Management System
FC Functional Code
FEGLI Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
FEI Federal Executive Institute
FEHB Federal Employee Health Benefits
FES Factor Evaluation System
FFS Federal Financial System
FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FPL Full Performance Level
FPPS Federal Personnel and Payroll System
FSP Fundamental Science Practices
F2F Face to Face


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GD Geologic Discipline
GIO Geospatial Information Office
GovTrip Government's Travel System
GPRA Government Performance and Results Act
GS General Schedule


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HACU Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
HBCU Historically Black Colleges and University
HC Human Capital
HR Human Resources
HRO Human Resources Officer
HQ Headquarters


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ICTAP Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan
IDP Individual Development Plan
IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program
IT Information Technology


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KSA's Knowledge, Skills, Abilities


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LAN Local Area Network
LEP Limited English Proficiency
LMS Learning Management System
LR Labor Relations
LWOP Leave without Pay


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MBI Minimum Background Investigation
MDC Management Development Center
MP Merit Promotion
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding


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NAGT National Association of Geoscience Teachers
NACI National agency check and inquiries
NAWQA National Water Quality Assessment
NBC National Business Center
NCCWSC National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center
NOA Nature of Action
NOAC Nature of Action Code
NTC National Training Center
NTE Not-to-Exceed
NV Non-Veteran


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OARS Online Automated Recruitment System
OCP Office of Communications and Publishing
OEAS Organizational Excellence Assessment Survey
OSC Office of Special Council
OED Office of Organizational & Employee Development
OEO Office of Equal Opportunity
OIP Office of International Programs
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OPM Office of Personnel Management
ORS Office of Regional Services
OSQI Office of Science Quality and Integrity


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PATCO Professional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical, Other
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PD Position Description
PDQ Position Designation Questionnaire
PIP Performance Improvement Plan


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QSI Quality Step Increase


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RA Reemployed Annuitant
RCLF Relevant Civilian Labor Force
RD Regional Director
REx Regional Executive
RFE Request for Eligibles
RGE Research Grade Evaluation
RIF Reduction in Force
RMO Regional Management Officer
RPL Reemployment Priority List
RTD Return to Duty


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SA Short Answer
S&T Science and Technical
SC Science Center
SCD Service Computation Date
SCEP Student Career Employment Program
SDC Science and Decisions Center
SEEP Student Employment Exploration Program
SES Senior Executive Service
SEP Special Emphasis Program
SEPAC Special Emphasis Program Advisory Committee
SIR Surveys, Investments, Research (approp. funding)
SL Senior Leadership
SM Survey Manual
SME Subject Matter Expert
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SPO Servicing Personnel Office
SSP Special Selection Priority
SSPT Science Strategy Planning Team
ST Senior Technical
STEP Student Temporary Employment Program


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TA Travel Authorization
T&A Time and Attendance
T&D Training and Development
TLP Team Leader Program
TP Tentative Preference
TSP Thrift Savings Plan
TSP Transportation Subsidy Program
T3 Train-the-Trainer (Leadership Program)


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UM Upward Mobility
UMP Upward Mobility Program
USC United States Code
USGS United States Geological Survey


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VERA Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Early Out
VI Visual Information
VSIP Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment/Buy Out
VRA Veteran’s Recruitment Act


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WG Wage Grade
WIGI Within Grade Increase
WRD Water Resources Discipline
WRP Workforce Recruitment Program
WSC Water Science Center


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XP Veteran Widow’s Preference

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