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Upcoming Scheduled USGS Instructor led Classes for the next 90 Days

This list consists of the next upcoming 90 days of USGS Classes and is updated nightly.

Course Name
Starting Date
Course Code
Narrative Training: Story Circles and the ABT Framework 2018-03-19 USGS-A-18-46
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2018-03-19 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
WRET - Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen II 2018-03-19 USGS-C-18-24
Hydrographer Hydraulics 2018-03-20 USGS-OSW-WRD-SW1524
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-03-21 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Safety Webinar Series 2018-03-21 USGS-SAF-S1603
QW Data Toolbox for NWIS Users 2018-03-26 USGS-OED-QW1297
Guidelines for the Operation and Computation of Records of Continuous Water-Quality Monitors 2018-03-26 USGS-OED-QW2298
High Performance Computing in R and Python 2018-03-27 USGS-C-18-58
Surface Water Records Computation (Stage-Discharge) 2018-03-27 USGS-OED-SW1286
CPR/AED for Adult, Child, and Infant 2018-03-27 USGS-S-17-175
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-03-28 USGS-OED-L1329
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2018-03-29 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
Application and Practice of Survey-Grade GNSS Real-Time and Static Surveys in USGS 2018-04-09 USGS-OED-ID1747
Hydrographer Hydraulics 2018-04-10 USGS-OSW-WRD-SW1524
Passive Samplers: Theory and Practical Uses 2018-04-10 USGS-OED-H1863
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2018-04-12 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
WRET - Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen II 2018-04-16 USGS-C-18-24
USGS Regional IT Specialists Training 2018-04-17 USGS-C-17-085
COR Engagement Training 2018-04-17 USGS-A-17-025
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-04-18 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Safety Webinar Series 2018-04-18 USGS-SAF-S1603
Field Water-Quality Methods for Groundwater and Surface-Water 2018-04-23 USGS-OED-QW1028
Applied Groundwater Model Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis 2018-04-23 USGS-GW1876
Geomorphic Analysis of Fluvial Systems 2018-04-23 USGS-OED-QW1169
Negotiation Skills for Natural Resource Professionals: Building a Foundation 2018-04-24 USGS-OED-M1300
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-04-24 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-04-26 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2018-04-30 USGS-OED-M1161
Introduction to R 2018-05-01 USGS-WRD-C1857
Safety: USGS Firearms Refresher Training 2018-05-07 USGS-SAF-CROSH-RFT
Statistical Methods for Environmental Data Analysis 2018-05-07 USGS-OED-QW1075
Safety: USGS Firearms-Basic Defense Against Wild Animals 2018-05-08 USGS-SAF-S1448
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-05-09 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Active Directory Organizational Unit Administrator Certification (COUA) 2018-05-14 USGS-OED-C2432
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2018-05-14 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-05-16 USGS-OED-L1329
WRET - Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen II 2018-05-21 USGS-C-18-24
SCCM 2012: Migration and Application Management Workshop 2018-05-21 USGS-OED-C1789
USGS Wilderness First Aid 2018-05-22 USGS-SAF-CR-WFA
Field Techniques for Groundwater/Surface-Water Interactions 2018-06-04 USGS-OED-ID2015F
USGS Leadership 201 2018-06-04 USGS-OED-L2295
USGS Laboratory Safety 2018-06-07 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224
USGS Active Directory Organizational Unit Administrator Certification (COUA) 2018-06-11 USGS-OED-C2432
SCCM 2012: Migration and Application Management Workshop 2018-06-11 USGS-OED-C1789
Hydraulic Testing and NMR Logging of Sand and Gravel Aquifers 2018-06-11 USGS-H-18-68
Streamflow Record Computations using ADVMs and Index-velocity Methods 2018-06-11 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1319
USGS Leadership Intensive 2018-06-13 USGS-OED-L1329

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