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DOI LEARN On-Line (OLT) and User-Defined (UDT) Safety Courses Only

These Safety Courses link you directly in DOI LEARN to register IF you have never taken them before. If you have taken these Safety Courses in the past OR you need a bundle of them assigned as a certification, please contact your Safety Area Manager or email: to find out who your Safety Area Manager is so they can assign you a learning plan and you can complete them for certification and receive new completion dates if you've taken them before.

Course Name
Course Code
Course Type
Basic Aviation Safety (A-100) USGS-S-17-144 UDT
Cableway Pre-Use Inspection (UDT) USGS-SAF-S1833-UDT UDT
Cableway Safety Training Class: Pre-use Inspection USGS-OED-WRIR99-4038-UDT UDT
Chain Saw Safety Training USGS- 2010-080910-Eureka, Ca UDT
Chain Saw Safety Training USGS-2010-080910-Eureka, CA UDT
Chain Saw Safety Training USGS-2010-080910-Eureka,CA UDT
DOI-USGS Safety Seminar 10PDC/10DOI-Department of Interior Event UDT
Employee Safety and Health Training OS-OSH-OLT01 OLT
Occupational Safety and Health for DOI Supervisors DOIU-1312-OLT-DOI-08152014 OLT
Partnerships in Dam Safety 1053113269 UDT
Roadway Safety + DOT-FHA-RWSafety-UDT UDT
Root Causes Training Course 1 DOI Safety UDT
Safety 2010 Exposition DOI Event UDT
Safety and Occupational DEVELOPMENT 1315-225a OLT
Safety: DOT Carrier Requirements (Rail) USGS-S-18-167 UDT
Safety: DOT Carrier Requirements (Air) USGS-S-18-166 UDT
Safety: DOT Carrier Requirements (Highway) USGS-S-18-165 UDT
Safety: DOT Carrier Requirements (Water) USGS-S-18-168 UDT
Safety: DOT Hazardous Material Table USGS-S-18-160 UDT
Safety: DOT HazMat Transportation Security Awareness USGS-S-18-169 UDT
Safety: DOT Packaging USGS-S-18-164 UDT
Safety: DOT Placarding USGS-S-18-163 UDT
Safety: DOT Shipping Papers USGS-S-18-161 UDT
Safety: HazMat Marking and Labeling USGS-S-18-162 UDT
Safety: USGS Firearms Safety--Specimen Collection USGS-S-17-094 (OLT) OLT
Safety: USGS Radiation Safety - OLT USGS-SAF-S1685-OLT OLT
SAFETY: 1300 USGS Safety Program Requirements DOIU-1300-OLT-DOI OLT
SAFETY: 1304 USGS Industrial Hygiene Program Requirements 1304 OLT
SAFETY: 1315 USGS Safety and Occupational Health Program Overview 1315 OLT
SAFETY: 1338 USGS Authorities, Roles, and Responsibilities DOIU-1338-OLT-DOI OLT
SAFETY: 1339 USGS Safety Program Requirements for Administrative Personnel 1339 OLT
SAFETY: 1340 USGS Resources, References, and Standards 1340 OLT
SAFETY: 1358 USGS General Licensed Radioactive Materials 1358 OLT
SAFETY: 1359 USGS Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials 1359-09 OLT
SAFETY: 1413 USGS Personal Protective Equipment 1413 OLT
SAFETY: 1415 USGS X-Ray Producing Machines 1415 OLT
SAFETY: 1417 USGS Introduction to OSHA 1417 OLT
SAFETY: 1418 USGS Introduction to Industrial Hygiene 1418-OLT-USGS OLT
SAFETY: 1428 USGS Introduction to OSHA Standards 1428 OLT
SAFETY: 1430 USGS Walking & Working Surfaces 1430 OLT
SAFETY: 1431 USGS Federal Safety and Health Programs 1431 OLT
SAFETY: 1452 USGS Fall Protection 1452 OLT
SAFETY: 1456 USGS Permit-Required 1456 OLT
SAFETY: 1460 USGS Excavations 1460 OLT
SAFETY: 1462 USGS Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) 1462 OLT
SAFETY: 1467 USGS Safety Powered Industrial Trucks 1467 OLT
SAFETY: 1468 USGS Cranes and Rigging 1468 OLT
SAFETY: 1470 USGS Flammable Liquids DOIU-1470-09-OLT OLT
SAFETY: 1474 USGS Hearing Conservation 1474 OLT
SAFETY: 1475 USGS Hand and Portable Powered Tools 1475 OLT
SAFETY: 1485 USGS Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Prevention 1485 OLT
SAFETY: 1487 USGS Fire Protection 1487 OLT
SAFETY: 1494 USGS Machinery and Machine Guarding 1494 OLT
SAFETY: 1552 USGS First Responder Awareness Level (HAZWOPER) 1552 OLT
SAFETY: 1553 USGS Bloodborne Pathogens 1553 OLT
SAFETY: 1554 USGS Welding Cutting Brazing 1554 OLT
SAFETY: 1555 USGS Electrical Safety Design 1555 OLT
SAFETY: 1556 USGS Office Safety 1556 OLT
SAFETY: 1570 USGS Respiratory Protection for Users USGS-DOIU-RP-OLT OLT
SAFETY: 1571 USGS Ultraviolet Radiation DOIU-1571-OLT-USGS OLT
SAFETY: 1598 USGS Hazard Communication - GHS USGS-SAF-HAZARD_1598 OLT
Safety: 8-Hr. HAZWOPER Refresher 8hrhazwoper-UDT UDT
Safety: Administrative Employee Orientation USGS-OED-SAF-Admin Orientation-UDT UDT
Safety: Authorities, Roles, and Responsibilities for Executives DOIU-1713-OLT-DOI-2012 OLT
Safety: Bear Spray--Training for Defense Against Dangerous Animals (OLT) USGS-SAF-S1581 (OLT) OLT
Safety: Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator (CDSPC) Orientation USGS-OED-SAF-CDSPCO-UDT UDT
Safety: Danger! Chain Saw Safety Video USGS-17-S-010 UDT
Safety: DOI Collateral Duty Safety Officer Certification DOIU-CDCOC UDT
Safety: DOI Collateral Duty Safety Training Exam #1 1551 OLT
Safety: DOI Collateral Duty Safety Training Exam #2 1503 OLT
Safety: DOI Safety and Occupational Health Overview DOIU-OLT-1342 OLT
Safety: Field Employee Orientation USGS-OED-SAF-Field Employee Orientation-UDT UDT
Safety: Ionizing Radiation 1290-09 OLT
Safety: Laboratory Safety 1720 OLT
Safety: Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) TEL Prerequisite, Lessons 1-4 USGS-S-18-011 OLT
Safety: Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) TEL Prerequisite, Lessons 13-16 USGS-S-18-013 OLT
Safety: Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) TEL Prerequisite, Lessons 5-8 USGS-S-18-008 OLT
Safety: Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) TEL Prerequisite, Lessons 9-12 USGS-S-18-012 OLT
Safety: OSHA 6008 - Intro to OSHA for Other Federal Agencies USGS-17-S-137 (UDT) UDT
Safety: Personal Safety Through Awareness 1291 OLT
Safety: Refresher Firearms Safety Course for Defense Against Wild Animals USGS-SAF-S2680 OLT
Safety: Supervisor Orientation USGS-OED-SAF-Supervisor Orientation-UDT UDT
Safety: USGS 8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher DOIU-HRTC UDT
Safety: USGS Introduction to the Safe Behavior Process 1336-09 OLT
SAFETY: USGS Radiofrequency Radiation USGS-DOIU-OLT-912 OLT
Supervisory Safety Skills DOI-SUPV-OLT-110 OLT
USBR Safety Authorities, Roles, and Responsibilities DOIU-2017-BOR-1338 OLT
USGS Laboratory Safety (UDT) USGS-S-17-149 (UDT) UDT

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