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All Scheduled USGS Instructor led Classes

Course Name
Starting Date
Course Code
USGS Instructor Role Training 2017-05-25 USGS-C-17-045
USGS AQUARIUS for All Users (ILT) 2017-05-25 USGS-C-17-019
USGS Leadership Intensive 2017-05-25 USGS-OED-L1329
USGS Diversity - 2 hours 2017-05-25 USGS-OED-HR1797
SCCM 2012: Migration and Application Management Workshop 2017-05-25 USGS-OED-C1789
Hydrographer Hydraulics 2017-05-25 USGS-OSW-WRD-SW1524
USGS Laboratory Safety 2017-06-01 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224
USGS AQUARIUS for All Users (ILT) 2017-06-05 USGS-C-17-019
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2017-06-06 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) - Practicals Module 2017-06-06 USGS-SAF-MOCC-S2554
Occupant Emergency Plans 2017-06-07 USGS-SAF-2493
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2017-06-08 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
Intermediate Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs 2017-06-12 USGS-OED-WRD-SW2441
USGS AQUARIUS for All Users (ILT) 2017-06-12 USGS-C-17-019
Streamflow Record Computations using ADVMs and Index-velocity Methods 2017-06-12 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1319
USGS Wilderness First Aid 2017-06-13 USGS-SAF-CR-WFA
Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen I 2017-06-19 USGS-C-17-103
USGS AQUARIUS for All Users (ILT) 2017-06-19 USGS-C-17-019
Water Quality Field Methods Refresher 2017-06-19 USGS-OED-QW3190
Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) - Traditional Module 2017-06-20 USGS-SAF-MOCC-S1512
Occupant Emergency Plans 2017-06-20 USGS-SAF-2493
USGS Safety Webinar Series 2017-06-21 USGS-SAF-S1603
Discrete Groundwater Data Systems 2017-07-10 USGS-OED-GW1839
USGS Active Directory Organizational Unit Administrator Certification (COUA) 2017-07-10 USGS-OED-C2432
QW Data Toolbox for NWIS Users 2017-07-10 USGS-OED-QW1297
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2017-07-12 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
USGS Leadership 201 2017-07-17 USGS-OED-L2295
Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen I 2017-07-17 USGS-C-17-103
Introduction to Streamgaging (Blended) 2017-07-17 USGS-OED-SW1749-Blended
SCCM 2012: Migration and Application Management Workshop 2017-07-17 USGS-OED-C1789
USGS Leadership Intensive 2017-07-19 USGS-OED-L1329
Field Water-Quality Methods for Groundwater and Surface-Water 2017-07-24 USGS-OED-QW1028
USGS Leadership Intensive 2017-07-26 USGS-OED-L1329
Fire Extinguisher Training (1 hour) 2017-07-27 USGS-SAF-S1784
Basic Hydraulic Principles 2017-07-31 USGS-OED-SW1004
Acoustic Index Method for Estimating Fluvial Suspended Sediment 2017-08-07 USGS-H-17-037
CPR/AED 2017-08-14 USGS-SAF-MED-5501
Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs (SonTek/RDI) 2017-08-14 USGS-OED-WRD-SW1321
USGS Leadership 201 2017-08-14 USGS-OED-L2295
Standard First Aid/CPR/AED 2017-08-16 USGS-SAF-CPR/AED
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2017-08-21 USGS-OED-M1161
Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen I 2017-08-21 USGS-C-17-103
USGS Laboratory Safety 2017-09-07 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224
Streamgaging Cableway Principles for Inspectors 2017-09-12 USGS-OED-WR-CABLEWAYS
USGS Wilderness First Aid 2017-09-12 USGS-SAF-CR-WFA
Sediment Records Computation and Interpretation 2017-09-18 USGS-OED-SW2096
Drupal Content Manager Training - Gen I 2017-09-18 USGS-C-17-103
Safety: OSHA 10 Hour General Industry 2017-09-19 USGS-SAF-S1841
USGS Supervisory Challenge 2017-09-25 USGS-OED-M1161
Strategies and Tactics for the Experienced Natural Resource Negotiator 2017-11-14 USGS-OED-M3301
COR Engagement Training 2017-11-14 USGS-A-17-025
USGS Laboratory Safety 2017-12-07 USGS-SAF-OSHA-8206-224

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