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November -- Science Picks

Moscow, USSR

Moscow, USSR; Acquired April 6, 1979
KH-9 Mission 1215-5
Ordering Id = DZB1215-500117L008001
Severodinsk Shipyard in the USSR

Custom Enlargement of the Severodinsk Shipyard in the USSR, Acquired May 29, 1967
KH-7 Mission 4037
Full Frame Ordering Id = DZB00403799196H001001
Aswan Upper Dam, Egypt

Aswan Upper Dam, Egypt; Acquired August, 2, 1976
KH-9 Mission 1212-5
Ordering Id = DZB1212-500125L007001
Beijing, China

Custom Enlargement of Beijing, China; Acquired May 27, 1967
KH-7 Mission 4037
Full Frame Ordering Id = DZB00403700070H004001
Hanoi, Vietnam

Custom Enlargement of Hanoi, Vietnam; Acquired June 11, 1967
KH-7 Mission 4038
Ordering Id = DZB00403800102H017001
St. Louis, MO

Custom Enlargement of St Louis, MO, Acquired March 12, 1964
KH-7 Mission 4006
Full Frame Ordering Id = DZB00400600015H009001
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Custom Enlargement of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France; Acquired March 20, 1966
KH-7 Mission 4026
Full Frame Ordering Id = DZB00402600027H003001
United States Capital, Washington, DC

Custom Enlargement of Washington D.C. Acquired February 19, 1966
KH-7 Mission 4025
Full Frame Ordering Id = DZB00402500063H004001
Mount Logan and Walsh Glaciers, Yukon Territory, Canada

Mount Logan and Walsh Glaciers, Yukon Territory, Canada; Acquired August 19, 1977
KH-9 Mission 1213-5
Ordering Id = DZB1213-500109L003001

Additional information may currently be found at www.nima.mil/pa/newsroom/history/index.html. Data will soon be released and made available on Earth Explorer (earthexplorer.usgs.gov), and details regarding the data will be found on http://edc.usgs.gov.

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