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Elk Point Folio

The Elk Point Folio, South Dakota-Nebraska-Iowa, by J. E. Todd, was published in 1908 by the United States Geological Survey.

The Folio was located while searching for Lewis and Clark and is significant because the Lewis and Clark Expedition covered this ground 100 years before the USGS, and today we are again looking at this area. The Folio was located in the Richardson Collections, Special Collections, I. D. Weeks Library at the University of South Dakota.

The Elk Point Folio was surveyed in 1898 and illustrates the river and terrain prior to the damming of the Missouri River. The contents of the Folio include: Descriptive Text, Topographic Map, Arial Geology Map, and Artesian Water Map. This map covers all disciplines of the USGS and serves as an example of the work that the USGS was doing 100 years ago. The Folio was a multidiscipline approach with a price of 50 cents.

The Elk Point Folio (124830 bytes)

The text was written for the layperson even explaining how to read the maps. It is not written for the scientist, yet it entertains the best scientists because the information is precise and detailed, explaining such geological features as the metamorphic rocks, sedimentary formations deposits, relief, drainage, descriptive geology, Arikaree formation, and pre-Wisconsin deposits.

Elk Point Folio Text

The map at right is of an area in the southeast corner of South Dakota along the Missouri River.

12_Elk.jpg (135508 bytes)

Elk Point Folio Text Excerpt

19th Century Mapping        20th Century Mapping         21st Century Mapping

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