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U.S. Geological Survey Science and Recreation

Climb with the USGSNeed information to enjoy your trip along the Lewis and Clark trail? Check out the U.S. Geological Survey Recreation Site: Your Science Gateway for Safe and Vital Enjoyment of the Outdoors. It provides timely information about the following items:

Canoe the Scenic Missouri RiverInterested in canoeing the routes that Lewis and Clark followed? Check out Canoeing North Dakota's Rivers. Learn how to use U.S. Geological Survey stage and streamflow data to plan a canoeing trip on the Missouri or Yellowstone River in North Dakota. Also find links to U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps.

Part of a 7.5-minute topographic map at 1:24,000 scale Finding Your Way with Map and Compass

A topographic map tells you where things are and how to get to them, whether you're hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, or just interested in the world around you. Distances and directions take a bit of figuring, but the topography and features of the land are easy to determine.

The National Atlas Web Site Create your own map of features along the Lewis and Clark Trail

The updated National Atlas is designed to provide a reliable summary of national-scale geographical information. Though it cannot provide detailed map information, the Atlas directs users to other sources for this information.

Note: Download Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

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