Information on the structures product and data model is available on The National Map Structures Web page.
USGS generally relies on data from external sources to support its requirement for structures as a core layer in The National Map.
Structures data have generally been produced as point locations at the center of the associated structure.
For more information, please go to the Download and Cart Web page.
Data is currently available in Esri File Geodatabase 10.1 or Shapefile format.
Map service metadata is available in The National Map viewer by clicking on the pull-down arrow in front of the Structures base data layer in the table of contents under Overlays.
Since structures features are acquired from a variety of sources, the currentness of the data may vary by type of feature and by area of coverage.
Updates are variable and since the USGS obtains most structures data from external sources, the frequency of updates depends on the release schedule of the source products.
Refer to the source originator and other dataset attributes for structures features. Download the data and view the feature attribute table to find these values.
There is no single agency responsible for national structures data.