Prior to October 2015, some of the transportation data in The National Map came from commercial sources, and these road data were not available for download because of licensing agreements.
Since transportation features are acquired from a variety of sources, the currentness of the data may vary by type of feature and by area of coverage.
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Updates are variable and since USGS obtains most transportation data from external sources, the frequency of updates depends on the release schedule of the source products.
Data is currently available in Esri File Geodatabase 10.1 or Shapefile format.
The National Map Feature Road Class (TNMFRC) attribute code value definitions in transportation data are: 1 - Controlled-access Highway; 2 - Secondary Highway or Major Connecting Road; 3 - Local Connecting Road; 4 - Local Road; 5 - Ramp; 6 - 4WD; 7 - F
Transportation data have generally been produced to be suitable for visualization at 1:24,000-scale. The current exception is railroad data, which is primarily derived from a 1:100,000-scale source dataset.
Since USGS is not the lead Federal agency for geospatial transportation data development, it primarily relies on data from external sources to support its requirement for transportation as a core dataset in The National Map.
Information on the transportation product and data model is available on The National Map Transportation Web page.