Information on the NHD is available on The National Map Hydrography Web page and at the USGS Hydrography Web site.
The NHD User Guide, which includes interactive tutorials, feature catalog, and a video library, is located at the USGS Hydrography Web site.
Information on the hydrography product and data model is available on The National Map Hydrography Web page.
For more information, please go to the Download and Cart Web page.
Data is currently available in Esri File Geodatabase 10.1 or Shapefile format.
Downloads include Subbasin (fourth level, 8-digit hydrologic units), in addition to Subregion, as USGS has improved packaging of NHD data for distribution from the 'cloud.'
NWI data is available in the Content sub-tab under Overlays in a panel called Other Featured Data in the table of contents of The National Map viewer.
Flow tables are not included in either staged State or Subregion NHD data because very large datasets may exceed an internal two GB processing limit.