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Formats available for download of orthoimagery are compressed 10:1, JPEG2000 for NAIP products, and compressed 5:1, JPEG2000 for high resolution orthoimagery (HRO).
Orthoimagery data is offered through our Bulk Data distribution site.
Because orthoimagery is usually very large in file size, we stage the data in "tiles" that can be reasonably transported over the Internet.
An "Info/Metadata" link is available for each orthoimagery product listed in the returned results when doing a product search in The National Map Download Client.
Tile level metadata is not published with viewable orthoimagery services, but is available through The National Map Download Client.
Imagery services were created using the NASA Blue Marble Next Generation (BMNG) product for the smallest scales ranging from a world view to 1:2.3M, and a subset of the Global Land Survey 2000 (Landsat) product for remaining small scales ranging from 1
A complete list of service URLs is at The National Map-Service Endpoints, and there are several imagery services.
The USGS Imagery Only service is cached using tiles of 256x256 pixels in tile size, and 96 DPI resolution with 75% compression quality. A cached service is one that has been broken down into static tiles, or pre-generated images.
Imagery services use WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere).