Using TNM Services

A complete list of service URLs is at The National Map-Service Endpoints, which contains available REST, WMS, WMTS (cached base maps only), WFS, WCS, and
TNM services are designed to be consumed as Web Map Service (WMS), Keyhole Markup Language (KML), or ArcGIS Server REST API calls.
Yes, The National Map-Service Endpoints contains a complete list of links for each service to display map service metadata.
Visit our API Examples Demos Web page for TNM services being used in other Application Program Interfaces (APIs), such as Leaflet, OpenLayers 2, Google Earth, and OpenLayers 3 Mobile.
Navigate to a specific base map or theme overlay layer in The National Map-Service Endpoints and call one of the URLs.Notice how all REST services contain .../arcgis/rest/services/...
Navigate to a specific base map or theme overlay layer in The National Map-Service Endpoints and call one of the URLs.Click on the "WMS" link.The service call will look like [
There are three methods:
Currently, the Google Earth KML call does not work in Google Maps for Mobile, but this is being explored to work.
Use ArcCatalog to initially add a TNM REST service in ArcGIS. Copy a URL from The National Map-Service Endpoints.
Start at The National Map-Service Endpoints.Click on the WMS link for the selected service (verify that your pop-up blocker is turned off).Highlight the WMS URL from the addr