For more information, please go to the Download and Cart web page.
Data from The National Map is free and in the public domain. We use "Cart" terminology only as a tracking mechanism to maintain download statistics.
USGS has implemented delivery of staged data from The National Map that no longer requires custom clipping. Staged data has been pre-packaged in tiles so users can download as much data as they want.
USGS has developed a ScienceBase Product Index API that will support calling our catalog of over two million staged data files.
Digital elevation models (DEMs) are staged at resolutions of 2 arc-second in Alaska only (about 60 meters north-south, and varies from 20-35 meters east-west), 1 arc-second (about 30 meters), and 1/3 arc-second (about 10 meters), and are avai
To help in the transition of raster data to different file formats, a set of scripts is available for download at
An error may sometimes occur which times out the Web browser after clicking on a download link. If you try refreshing, it may open the archive (.zip) file.
The direct 'ftp' link to staged products is, while the 'cloud' browse link is
We have found that if using the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client, then download links through a 'ftp' protocol may return empty files.
The "Error: Inventory request failure" message occurs if our ScienceBase catalog database is not responding to download requests.