Did You Feel It?

To view a map of latest earthquakes or report a felt earthquake, check the Real-time Earthquake Map. Make sure your Control Panel settings are allowing you to see earthquakes of all magnitudes.
If the earthquake just happened a few minutes ago, you may have arrived at the Web page before our system has finished locating the earthquake and updating the Web pages.
Occasionally we receive bad responses from people who think it might be amusing to throw off the map with an unnaturally high response.
No, you can't go back and change data you have already submitted. However, your information will be automatically associated with the correct event based on time and location.
The maps are automatically generated to cover a preset distance from the epicenter of the earthquake.
This Citizen Science tool (the Did You Feel It? website) relies fundamentally on the good will of Internet users like you, and we appreciate and respect the valuable data you provide.
You are one of almost 1 million people who have completed a Did You Feel It? questionnaire, and your input is used in a variety of ways.How it helps us:
We have purposefully avoided encouraging non-Web based contributions since we do not have the resources (people) to manually enter the amount of data that might entail.
We have recently expanded Did You Feel It? to a global scale. Users from all over the world can now contribute their earthquake experiences.
We have the capability of adding geocoded maps for certain larger events with many hundreds (or thousands) of responses.