The USGS has some great science fair ideas related to earthquakes. Find inspiration for projects on other science topics by browsing the USGS Education website.
Absolutely! The USGS has partnerships with many citizen science programs that are appropriate for classroom projects or for individual students. These programs include:
The USGS does not have any positions specifically targeted to teachers, but appropriate positions do exist.
Yes. Educational institutions qualify for discounts on purchases made through the online USGS Store. To receive any discounts you must first be set up in their system.
The USGS has offices in every state, but it does not have employees who go into the classroom as part of their job. Some employees, however, are willing to do so on their own time.
The USGS does not have a formal program for teacher workshops, but USGS scientists sometimes participate in teacher workshops that are organized by universities or other education groups.
The USGS has the largest earth science library in the world.
It is not an easy task to keep a swimming pool so clear and clean. If you just set a pan of water outdoors in the middle of summer, you'll see that it ends up containing gunk very quickly.
With rare exception, the USGS does not post information or materials unless they are produced in partnership with our agency.