Surface Water

Yes. The main body of subsurface water is found in the saturated zone of aquifers. Aquifers can be only a few feet below the surface or more than a thousand feet deep.
Lake Okeechobee, which means “big water” in the Seminole Native American language, is the largest lake in the southeastern United States and the second largest freshwater lake contained entirely within the contiguous United States.
Stream stage is an important concept when analyzing how much water is moving in a stream at any given moment.
Probably you've seen this when driving on a road that has been cut through a hill. You are really seeing an exposed portion of water-bearing subsoil and bedrock.
Each reach is a continuous piece of surface water with similar hydrologic characteristics, such as a stretch of stream between two confluences or a lake.
The largest U.S. lake west of the Mississippi River, Great Salt Lake is about 75 miles long, and 28 miles wide, covers 1,700 square miles, but has a maximum depth of only about 35 feet. Great Salt Lake does not drain out to any ocean.