Will I be able to see my house in the aerial photograph?

The high resolution orthophoto and the Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle (DOQ) provides the most detail. You would probably be able to identify your neighborhood. There is no guarantee that your home would be distinguishable.

What you can distinguish is mostly a function of scale and resolution. Film resolution is dependant on film type, camera, lens and flight height. On average black & white film will have greater film resolution than color film. Please use the scale field to help search for the resolution that fits your needs. Scales of 1:500 to 1:24,000 are best for identifying buildings. Scales of 1:20,000 to 1:80,000 work well for agriculture and geologic interpretation. Scales in excess of 1:150,000 provide regional assessment information.

The National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) photography are acquired at 20,000 feet above mean terrain with a 6 inch focal length lens. The flight lines are quarter quad-centered on the 1:24,000-scale USGS maps. NAPP photographs have an approximate scale of 1:40,000, and are acquired on Black/White or Color Infrared film, depending on state or federal requirements. Custom products are available upon request for nonstandard enlargements and exact-scale reproductions.


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