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Where can I get elevation data? 

Digital elevation model (DEM) data are available using The National Map Download Client, or through bulk data delivery.

To download elevation data with The National Map Download Client:

1.  Zoom to your area of interest.

2.  Under the Data category, check the box next to ‘Elevation Products (3DEP)’ for available DEM products and coverage, or check the box next to ‘Elevation Source Data (3DEP)’ for available source datasets and coverage, such as original product resolution DEM products and lidar.

3.  The ‘Use Map’ setting is checked by default to enable selection of available products by defining a Box/Point, Current Extent, or Polygon inside the map pane. Search by location allows you to define an Address/Place or Map Name. The layered ‘Maps’ icon in the upper right corner allows functionality for display of Base Maps, Product Availability, Product Preview, and Reference Polygons.

4.  Define an area of interest by using the ‘Draw Rectangle’ tool or use the ‘Draw Point’ tool to place a point on the map. Both tools are provided on the left side of the map pane.

5.  In addition to entry of Keyword(s) under Categories, an option is available to filter a search to include products within a specific Date Range (Last Update, Date Created, and Publication Date).

6.  Click on the blue ‘Search Products’ button.

7.  The number of results for each selected category will appear in the left pane, and click on ‘results’ to view the list of files. Options are available to filter displayed products by keyword, to show footprints and thumbnails, to zoom to the footprint of the product, and to view the metadata.

8.  Download the individual file directly from the list, or add products to the Cart for download of multiple files.

9.  If using the ‘Cart‘, click on the blue ‘View Cart’ button to see a list of selected files that can either be downloaded individually, or exported to a CSV file for entry into the ‘Download Manager’ application for batch download.

To obtain elevation data in bulk:

Send an email request to tnminfo@usgs.gov with your contact information and a general product description. You will receive a response email with procedures for bulk delivery and instructions for specifying the elevation product dataset and format. To receive bulk data, we require you to supply the external hard drive(s) within our specifications, and pay for return shipping.

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