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How do I add KML or RSS Data to TNM viewer?

KML and RSS data (including GeoRSS), can be added using the Add Data tool. Data can be added by either file or URL/network link. For a list of KML tags that are supported, see the Advanced Tool Guide for KML Support in PalanterraTM X3. Specific procedures are:

1) Click the Add Data tool in the Advanced toolbar.

2) Click the KML RSS button on the left side of the Add Data dialog box.

3) Select File to add data from a file and continue to next step, or select URL to add data from a URL/network link and skip to step 6.

4) If adding data from a file, click the Choose File button.

5) Browse to find and open a KML (or KMZ) file.

6) If adding data from a URL, enter the URL/network link.

7) Click on the Open button to add data to the map display.

8) Expand the layer that was added under the Overlays pane in the User Added Content panel.

9) Select the box beside the layer to turn the layer on and off in the map display.

Note: The parent layer must be visible (or checked) to view any selected child layers.

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