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Why are my download links only returning empty (or 0 byte) files?

We have found that if using the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client, then download links through a 'ftp' protocol may return empty files. The work-around is a procedure to associate ftp links in Thunderbird with a Web browser (such as Chrome), which then allows links to open and correctly download. Use this procedure at your own discretion:

  • Open the Thunderbird program and wait until it is idle.

  • Click on Tools -> Options to open the settings. If you only have a single Thunderbird button, click on the button and then on Options.

  • Switch to Advanced -> General and click on Config Editor.

  • Filter for the term network.protocol-handler.warn-external.ftp.

  • This displays the "open with" dialog box when you click on a link for the first time, which you can use to pick a program for the protocol. If you want to always open links in the application, check the "remember my choice" for http links at the bottom of that screen.

Alternatively, if you copy and paste a download link directly into a Web browser, it will also download the data successfully.

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