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Is PAGER a new program/system or just an update?

The current version of PAGER builds on the previously available PAGER system, which has been publically released since 2007. PAGER provided near-real time ShakeMaps and population exposures at each intensity level for significant earthquakes around the globe, but not loss estimates. The upgrade to PAGER uses that same population/intensity information, and adds estimates of earthquake impact. PAGER will now be able to provide governments and relief workers crucial information about which general areas are likely to be hardest hit, and it will do so within an hour after the earthquake strikes. The core elements of the new feature will be the projected loss of life and the projected economic losses from the earthquake. These new aspects will better enable relief workers and first responders to organize the proper level of response and to direct it to the hardest hit areas in a quick and timely manner until detailed accounts become available from affected areas.

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