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Why don't you have the earthquake I felt on Did You Feel It?

If the earthquake just happened a few minutes ago, you may have arrived at the Web page before our system has finished locating the earthquake and updating the Web pages. If this is so, please fill out an unknown event questionnaire and check back in a few minutes to see if your event is now in place.

If the earthquake you felt occurred several years ago, chances are that it will not be in the database. DYFI was put online mainly as an information tool for current earthquakes and future damaging earthquakes. Some larger, historic events were added to the database as a calibration of the system, but some historic and past earthquakes are not on the list. Be sure to thoroughly check the archives.

It may also be that you felt an earthquake just below the magnitude cutoff for an automatic triggering. Generally, new maps are automatically made for earthquakes for magnitude 3.8 and greater (2.8 in certain urban areas). However, if you felt a smaller earthquake that is not on our site, please send in an "unknown report." We review and associate the unknown reports regularly and will post maps if we receive reports on smaller earthquakes.

There is also the possibility that what you felt was not an earthquake. It is not uncommon for users to fill in unknown reports for sonic booms, trucks, explosions, mine blasts, and other events, thinking they were earthquakes.

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