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Did I feel an earthquake? Can I report feeling an earthquake?

To view a map of latest earthquakes or report a felt earthquake, check the Real-time Earthquake Map. Make sure your Control Panel settings are allowing you to see earthquakes of all magnitudes. If you find an earthquake on the map near your area, click on it, then click on the link that is highlighted to see details about it. Click on the "Did You Feel It?" link (or the DYFI button at the top of the event page) to see a map of felt shaking as reported by other users, and click on "Tell Us!" link to report your own earthquake experience.

You can also use the "Did You Feel It?" site itself to make a report. Look in the list or linked maps to find the earthquake you felt. If you don't see the earthquake you felt in the list or linked maps, you can click on the "Report an Unknown Event" above the list and still make a report.


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