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Which volcanic eruptions were the deadliest?


Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions Since 1500 A.D.

EruptionYearCasualtiesMajor Cause
Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia198525,0001,3Mudflows3
Mont Pelée, Martinique190230,0001 (29,025)2Pyroclastic flows2
Krakatau, Indonesia188336,0001 (36,417)2Tsunami2
Tambora, Indonesia181592,0001,2Starvation2
Unzendake, Japan179215,0001 (14,030)2Volcano collapse,
Lakagigar (Laki), Iceland17839,0001 (9,350)2Starvation2
Kelut, Indonesia158610,0001 

Other Notable Eruptions

EruptionYearCasualtiesMajor Cause
Mount Pinatubo, Philippines19913503Roof Collapse3
Mount St. Helens, Washington1980573Asphyxiation from ash
Kilauea, Hawaii192411Falling rock1
Lassen Peak, California191504 
Mount Vesuvius, Italy79 A.D.3,3602Pyroclastic Flow2


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