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I've seen ice flowing out of hills in the winter. Why?

Probably you've seen this when driving on a road that has been cut through a hill. You are really seeing an exposed portion of water-bearing subsoil and bedrock. The water table is the part of the subsurface ground where the material below it is saturated with water - this is the material that wells tap into to get water. Water will flow along the water table at a downward angle, similar to how it flows on the earth's surface. It follows soil and rock that are permeable (allows water to move through it) and eventually will find its way to stream beds, lakes, and the ocean. But if a road is cut deep enough and goes into the water table then the water can emerge from the rock. Next time you are at the beach try digging a hole at a place that is just out of reach of where the waves are washing up. You'll start off in solid sand but soon the bottom of the hole will fill with water, and no matter how deep you try to dig it will stay full of water. In a way, the point at where the water starts filling the hole is the water table boundary.

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